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With it being Movember and all, we thought we'd recognize the men who look especially dapper with this facial accesory. James Franco Let's get real, Mr. Franco would look hot with a racoon on his face. Whether it's a beard, moustache or goatee, this hilarious hunk knows how to rock the facial hair! Christian Bale As much as we love him as Batman, we prefer him with the mask off as Bruce Wayne. Liam Hemsworth The younger of the Australian duo flawlessly sports some scruff. Johnny Depp Much like his body of work, Johnny Depp's fashion is very versatile and that doesn't stop with his clothes. When it comes to looking good, Johnny Depp can do no wrong. David Beckham What more is there to say...it's Beckham! Leonardo DiCaprio Some men will always have the ability to make us swoon...enter Leo. You had us at Growing Pains. Idris Elba This Brit has been popping up in tons of movies lately and we can't get enough! Tall, dark and handsome with some salt n pepper facial hair to match! Justin Timberlake A true entertainer, Justin looks as debonair as ever with his trimmed beard. Blake Anderson While he's not as widely known as some of these other guys, this Workaholics star is a pro at moustache swagger. And who else could pull off that hair?!