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This is one of my favorite shots from Daniel. His creativity in how he portrays Dubai is always worth checking out. Photographer Daniel Cheong [Info on the pic below] "Needless to say that this is a photo montage. It is a composite of a fog shot I took in Dubai from the Index Tower in May, and a Milky Way shot I took in Reunion Island in July this year. Actually, it would be possible to see the Milky Way in Dubai during a foggy night, because the fog would retain the light pollution, so the stars and Milky Way (if it is above the horizon) would become much more visible. Therefore this composite is not pure science fiction. However, the odds of getting a 'real' shot like this are very thin. Fog occurs 5 times a year in Dubai, the moon must not be visible, and the Milky Way needs to be above the horizon and in the right direction for the camera! Could be an impossible equation to resolve! :)"
@WoolleyMamoth69 Me too! @cheerfulcallie Right? Like a sci-fi setting.
I've always wanted to go to dubai