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Disclaimer: The events are purely fictional. While BTS is real, I don't know them personally so this is just for fun. the original picture does not belong to me, but the editing does.
Warning: May contain mild language, violence, and blood. Later chapters may contain sensuality and/or smut, but not yet.
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Narrator POV
It had apparently been lingering adrenaline and not a new bout of insomnia keeping her up, because Sam was able to sleep when she got home. When she woke up Wednesday morning, she found herself excited once again. Just the thought of getting to be around Namjoon again sent butterflies fluttering in her stomach again. She didn’t know how she’d become so attached to someone she’d only met recently, but she wasn’t complaining.
As much as she’d spent the years afraid of ever moving on, she’d also been lonely. Her friends tried to keep her buoyant, but they couldn’t offer her what a relationship could; a deep, romantic connection. The two of them definitely had the connection part down as evidenced by the ‘bondmate’ connection or whatever it was called. And after their date on the weekend, they had definitely started on the romance part. She’d even told him about Daesung, which she normally didn’t talk about. But she was partially torn by guilt because she had stopped wearing the necklace. She’d taken up wearing the star necklace instead so that she didn’t feel completely naked.
When it started getting towards their date time, Sam started getting ready. She spent a lot of time using makeup to hide her bruise both to look more presentable and to not worry Namjoon. At the other end, Namjoon was pacing back and forth in front of his closet. Their dinner was entirely informal and he didn’t know what to wear. Should he just wear what he wore around the guys? Or should he pick something a little sexier? But not too much. He didn’t want to go over the top. But he did kind of want to get a reaction out of her. The way he did when he’d worn the clothes she’d given him. A light bulb went off in his head and he smirked.
Sam had offered to just meet Namjoon at the restaurant that way he didn’t have to drive past it to pick her up, but Namjoon was insistent on picking her up so she obliged. She kind of liked the idea of him picking her up and taking her home. It was old-style, young-people romantic and she liked that.
Once again, Namjoon arrived early, coming to her door to pick her up. Sam opened the door and the two stared at each other, taking in the other’s outfit. Namjoon had gone with a tight-fitting, short-sleeved red shirt and tight, but not too tight, black jeans. Sam had gone with a see-through, red halter-top over a black spaghetti-strap undershirt with black jeans.
“We’re at couple outfits already?” Sam laughed, trying to distract herself from staring at how his outfit framed all the right places.
“It would appear so,” Namjoon responded, trying to do the same. Sam only hoped that she was having as strong an impact on him as he was on her. “But if you’re bringing a leather jacket as well, that’s too much for me.”
Sam smiled. “Guess we’re safe then.” She held up a thin, black jacket that went down to the knees.
“Shall we?” Namjoon asked with a smile, holding out his arm.
“We shall.” Sam stepped out and hooked her arm in his, locking the door behind her.
“I was thinking more like this.” Namjoon slipped his arm out and put it behind Sam. His hand rested on her waist and pulled her closer to him. Sam blushed. It was just the response Namjoon was hoping for. And then she did something he didn’t expect. She set one hand on his that was on her waist and with the other, mirrored his movement. She leaned her head on his chest.
“I was thinking more like this,” she countered.
Namjoon looked down at her and she looked back up at him and smiled. Her smile was enough to take his breath away. He couldn’t help himself as he leaned down to kiss her. His lips softly met hers and he felt her press back. He used his arm that was around her to turn her and pull her closer to him. She smiled into the kiss and he did the same, effectively stopping the kiss. He rested his forehead against hers.
That kiss was something that should have stirred up a darker desire in him, but somehow, right now, that desire was so faint it was almost not there at all. What he mostly felt was the more innocent desire of just wanting to gently hold her. It’d been so long since he’d felt that innocence. With the same feelings he had falling for his first love, he realized that he was truly falling for Sam—if he hadn’t already fallen for her that was. More than just the connection they had, Namjoon really cared for Sam. He wanted to be the person in her life that she could count on, that she could trust, that she could love without hesitation. All their conversations, even if they previously mostly avoided more personal topics, told him about her and her personality. She was someone he could be happy to come home to, to wake up to, to see every day, and he wanted to be that person for her.
Sam stared into his loving gaze. Namjoon was right about not being able to get over a first love, or for her a second love either, but you could move on. After her first love had betrayed and abandoned her, she’d closed her heart off from anyone who could get too close and hurt her again. The door had rusted closed, just the way she wanted it to. Then Daesung had come and opened the door slowly and tenderly; not forcing it open, but slowly cleaning the rust off and allowing the door to open on its own.
And when he, her second love, had left her alone as well, that door had closed again. But the door apparently hadn’t rusted because his leaving was a different pain than the first. And then Namjoon… Namjoon had come along and the door had started to open all on its own. With only a gentle touch on his part, her heart longed to become his.
Namjoon’s hand lovingly caressed her face. She closed her eyes and leaned into his touch, letting out a small sigh.
“Can we stay like this for just a little longer?” Namjoon asked.
Sam nodded, her eyes still closed. Her hand came up and held his. They stayed like that for a few minutes before Sam opened her eyes again. “Food?”
Namjoon let out a short burst of laughter. His hand dropped to his side, still holding her hand. “Food.”
They walked to the elevator, hands tightly laced together. “Is it just me, or do you feel like a teen couple, too?”
“Definitely not just you. Though, it doesn’t always have to be so innocent,” he replied with a wink.
“You’re bad,” Sam laughed. “I like it.” And then she winked back.
We pulled up to the small family-style restaurant that was settled between office buildings. Because of its position, business was always good. It’d been a few weeks since I’d been there. I had called ahead and made sure we’d have a partitioned area to ourselves. Namjoon parked and we walked in, still holding hands. The warmth of his hands comforted me. I’d forgotten how nice it felt.
“Sammy!” a voice called out. I smiled.
“Granny!” Sam called back.
“Wait, we’re meeting your grandmother?” Namjoon whispered furiously. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
How long should I mess with him? I just smiled without answering and let go of his hand to hug Granny. “How have you been, Granny?”
“Oh, you know, the same. The kids are driving me crazy. Oh, but I’ve got a new great-grandbaby. You have to see her!”
Before she could start going through her wallet to look for a picture, she noticed Namjoon standing there stiff and awkward. I watched the wheels turn in her head. I was a little nervous, but mostly hopeful. “And who’s this, Sammy?” She took a step forward and looked at him, analyzing him.
“Granny, this is Namjoon. Namjoon, this is Granny.”
“M-Ma’am. It’s nice to meet you.” I laughed to myself when he stuttered.
“Oh my.” Granny turned to me. “I haven’t made a man stutter like that in ages!” And then she started laughing; I joined in. Namjoon looked nervously between us. I needed to put him out of his misery.
“Namjoon,” I patted his arm, “you can relax. Even if she was a blood relative, you wouldn’t need to be so nervous.”
“She’s not your grandmother?”
“Remember when I told you how what I did was paying it forward in a sense and that I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for someone saving me?” After a moment of thought, Namjoon nodded. “Granny is the one who saved me. She found me wandering around the streets, fighting and getting hurt and not caring if I lived or died. She saved me and told me to call her my granny. And that’s how she acted towards me. She was the only person I had in this world.”
“And who is Namjoon that you brought him to see me?” Granny asked with a sly smile. She always only pretended to be oblivious.
“He’s…” I hesitated. Namjoon and I had not talked about what our relationship really was. He was someone I liked and he was becoming more and more important to me, but it hadn’t been quantified. “I really like him.”
I turned to Namjoon and then back to her. “We haven’t really talked about officially naming our relationship yet, so—“
“You can definitely think of me as her boyfriend,” Namjoon declared emphatically. I felt my heart skip a beat. “I very much like Sam and I’m not planning on letting her go. I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend tonight—“
“Yes,” I answered without hesitation.
“Definitely yes. I say yes to being your girlfriend.”
Namjoon’s face practically split in half with his smile and his dimples stood out prominently on his cheeks. I loved his dimples even as they made me think of sadder times as well. He pulled me into a tight hug. “That makes me really happy,” he whispered in my ear.
“Me too.” He has no idea.
“I’m so happy for you Sammy,” Granny told me. “You deserve to be happy.” She walked us to our seats towards the back. “I was afraid you’d closed your heart off again.”
“I did. But apparently my heart had other ideas about staying that way.”
Granny smiled at me. I knew she was proud. As scared as I was about it, her approval meant a lot. “Good. Now, why don’t you figure out what you want to eat. You know I worry about you getting good food when you’re not here. And I already know what you want Sammy, so you can tell just the boy what’s good. I’ll check on you both in a minute.” And then she left us to ourselves.
“Your granny is sweet,” Namjoon told me.
“She is. But she’s also a tough old lady too. She had to whip me into shape sometimes. Believe it or not, I wasn’t the best behaved kid when she found me. She definitely had to… discourage my more undesirable behaviors.”
“You were a bad girl, huh? I find that to be really hot.”
I leaned a little over the table, a teasing smirk on my face. “I can still be bad… when I want to be.” Namjoon’s eyes flashed dark red and I felt my heart start racing. A storm of butterflies took flight in my stomach and questionable thoughts passed through my mind. He quickly closed his eyes. How does he have such an effect on me already? Is it just the bond? Or is it something more? When he opened his eyes again, they were back to their normal color.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean—I forgot what could happen.”
“It’s okay. It’s something that even I don’t have control over. But I’ll be sure to not let it get bad. And I won’t do anything to you, don’t worry.”
“Unless I ask, right?”
“Huh?” Namjoon’s eyes were wide.
I blushed and looked away. I can’t believe I actually said that out loud. “Never mind.”
“What? No, wait.”
I saw Granny coming back. “Ah, we forgot to figure out what you want to eat,” I quickly deflected. I needed my pulse to settle. Namjoon narrowed his eyes at me and I knew he knew what I was attempting to do.
“Fine. Change the subject. Just order what you think I’d like.”
“But I don’t know what you’d like.”
Granny reached our table. “Know what you’d like?”
“I’ll just have what she’s having.”
Granny raised one of her eyebrows and I looked at him as well. “Really?’
Without a second thought Namjoon responded, “Yes. I’m sure she has good taste.”
“Oh, she does. Just, not a lot of people can handle it as well as her. I’ll be back with it soon.”
After she left, Namjoon turned back to me. “What did I just order?”
I snickered. “You’ll find out soon.”
“It’s not something weird is it?”
“Weird? No. It’s not weird. That’s as much as I’ll say for now.” I smirked. He was going to be in for a surprise.
“You’re bad.”
“I thought we already went through that.”
“Fine. Then let’s change the subject.” His eyebrows scrunched together so cutely as he tried to think of something. “Um… hmm… You shared something big about yourself last time, so I’ll share something about me. Fair?” I nodded, eager to hear more about him. Everything he told me was like a drop of water in a desert. Why do I crave it so much? Then he started. “The guys are basically my only family. My parents died—or rather, they were killed—when I was a kid.” I frowned. We have more in common than I thought. “I just kind of got bumped around for a couple years. Jin’s parents found me and took me in. They’d also taken Yoongi in just before me. The three of us were pretty much raised as brothers.”
“Explains why you’re so close.”
“That obvious?”
I smiled. “But not in a bad way.”
“We weren’t always close, though. Yoongi and I had a rough patch for a short time. I thought… I was pretty sure we’d end up hating each other forever. But I guess… the misery that tied us together brought us back. We’ve been good since then. And then we met Hoseok and, even though he was pretty much independent, he kind of joined our family. Jin’s parents were killed in an accident when I was 20. The four of us decided to stick together. A couple years after that, we stumbled across Jimin, Jungkook, and Tae.” Namjoon stopped and started laughing.
“What’s so funny?”
“I guess it not exactly funny just… I don’t know… Want to know how we ‘met’ them?”
“They tried to rob us.”
Namjoon started laughing again. “It was so funny. Three little kids pulling knives on the four of us.” Namjoon smile turned sad. “They were in a really bad place. No money, no family, no place, just each other. They were so scrawny. And we could tell they were scared. The way their hands shook… it was their first time. They were just so desperate… We told them to put the knives away and come home with us. They were understandably untrusting, but I think it was Hoseok’s smile that won them over. That’s why they’re so attached to him.”
My heart broke for them. They’d been through so much. No wonder why they were so scared when they came to my apartment looking for Namjoon. “That’s both sad and happy to hear. What you said about what happened when they were kids… I’m just glad you found them and they found you. They seem like such sweet kids.”
“They are. They help keep us smiling when we’re going through tough times. You haven’t really seen it, but Tae’s actually really funny and strange. Jungkook is as shy as he seems, specifically around strangers or women, but he can be a real showoff as well. You’ll see his real self when he gets used to you and then you might wish he was shy again.” I snickered a little. “Jimin didn’t have it as bad as the other two, so he’s more himself.”
“And you?”
“Me?” A young server brought over our food.
“Yeah, you. Are you the same as always?”
Namjoon considered it for a moment. “Mmmm… When I was a kid, I think I was a bit more reckless. Before Jin’s parents found me, anyway. I think I was still a bit wild after that. But since then, I’ve been pretty much the same. Things were a bit different after… ah… um, the way my first love and I parted wasn’t on good terms. I mean, I was just a kid, but I think I was a little messed up after that. Yoongi and I fought a lot because I blamed him for what happened and he blamed me.”
“Yoongi? Why would he blame you? Was he close to her as well?”
“Yeah. Long story short, she was our friend, all three of ours. This was before we met Hoseok. We only got to see her for a short time for a couple years. Yoongi and I both fell for her. Unfortunately for me, they liked each other. I got upset, lost my temper, and yelled at her, but with how she felt for Yoongi, I don’t know why she ended up leaving. I tried to convince myself he must’ve done something else to her. Both of us insisted it was the other’s fault. We hated each other for a little while. Eventually, when the pain lessened, we were able to mend our friendship. We’ve been pretty close since then.” Pointing to the soup, he said, “Now let’s see what mystery food I ordered.”
Within the first bite, I could see it having an effect. He probably thought it was a simple seafood stew, but it was crazy spicy. I laughed at his slightly redder face.
“This is hot as hell, but I like it. I can’t believe you like something this spicy.”
“I’ve always liked spicy foods.”
“Me too. I’ve just never had anything quite this hot.”
“Granny makes it special just for me.”
“That doesn’t surprise me. I can’t imagine many people ordering this. It’s hot by even Korean standards.”
“A few have tried it after they saw me eating it, but not many can finish. And from that, even fewer order it again.”
“I can feel why. Oh.” Namjoon starting reaching across the table.
“What?” I let out a small hiss of pain and jerked back slightly when Namjoon’s thumb brushed across my cheek. His eyes went wide. He looked down at the skin colored makeup on his thumb. Shit.
“Is that a bruise?”
“Huh? U-uh, yeah. But it’s not a big deal, don’t worry.” I realized I must have rubbed at my face subconsciously, revealing the coloration underneath.
“Don’t worry?” Namjoon’s eyes turned bright red. “Did someone hit you?” he almost growled, fangs descending so I could now see them.
“It was on the job, don’t worry about it.”
“Stop telling me not to worry.” He got up and sat next to me, his eyes still red. His hands held my face to keep it towards him. “Who did this to you?” His grip was strong.
“Some punk, don’t worry. I stopped him before he could do anything.” He’s holding too tight.
“He did something. I’m going to kill whoever it was. Tell me who it was.” He was hurting me.
“N-Namjoon, you’re hurting me.”
Namjoon’s eyes widened again and went back to their normal color as he forced his fangs to retract. I could see he didn’t realize how tightly he’d been holding my face. He snatched his hands back like my skin suddenly burned him.
“I’m s-sorry.” He quickly stood up. Before he could even take a single step to leave, I grabbed his hand.
“Don’t go. It’s ok. You were worried and lost some control, I understand. Please, sit back down.” Namjoon let me pull him back into the seat next to me. I stood up and moved his food to his new place. “You didn’t scare me.” Maybe a little. But I know he didn’t do it on purpose. “I was just letting you know that your strength was a little more than you realized. Besides, I’ve been stabbed and shot, so that was nothing.”
Namjoon’s eyes flashed again. “Was that supposed to make me feel better?”
I grabbed his hands. We were already going to have this conversation. Was our ‘relationship’ was going to end before it’d even had a chance to start? “I’m an enforcer. I’m going to get hurt. You have to realize that. And before you even think to suggest it, I’m not going to quit. I try to be careful, but I’m going to get hurt. That’s just how it is. Can you handle that?” The last part I asked quietly.
I knew how some men could be sometimes. Some of them didn’t like the idea of being in a relationship with a woman who had a dangerous job. Especially one like mine. I wouldn’t quit if he asked me. In fact, I’d be upset if he did. I was afraid of him saying something like that. Because… I couldn’t be with someone who couldn’t support what I cared about. And being an enforcer was one of the most important things in my life. Namjoon looked at me, his eyes shifting back and forth as if reading mine. I felt almost like he could read my thoughts.
Namjoon smiled and I felt a surge of relief. “Just be safe. That’s all I want. I don’t want you to get hurt and I don’t like seeing you hurt.” His thumb barely brushed over my cheek where the bruise was still mostly hidden. “So please just… be safe.”
“No promises with this job, but I will promise to try.”
Narrator POV
After they finished dinner, Granny brought over some green tea ice cream to soothe their mouths. They stayed for a while longer and then left to take Sam back home.
“On Friday, I don’t have work the next day and you don’t work until the afternoon shift, so we can do something more than just eating. If that’s okay with you?” Namjoon said, eyes only briefly moving away from the road.
“That sounds fine with me. We can get to know each other better if we’re doing something more than just sitting down and eating, right?”
“Exactly what I was thinking. Anything in particular you like or don’t like?”
“Ummm… I’m up for pretty much anything except karaoke.”
Namjoon started laughing. “That makes two of us. My singing’s alright, I guess, but I prefer rapping anyway.”
“So you can rap? You’ll have to show me some time.”
“There’s a lot I have to show you,” he said with a wink.
Sam hit his arm lightly. “Now who’s bad?”
“I’m behaving.”
“Riiiggghhtt,” Sam laughed. “I don’t believe it for a second.”
They stopped at a red light and Namjoon turned to her with dark red eyes. “Trust me,” his voice seemed thicker somehow, “I am behaving.”
A quick gasp escaped Sam’s lips as she felt a shiver run up and down her spine. Namjoon’s eyes narrowed dangerously at her reaction. His lips parted and Sam could see that his fangs had appeared again. Before anything more could happen, the car behind them honked at them. Namjoon’s eyes lingered on Sam a moment longer before turning back to the road. The light had turned green. Namjoon started driving, his hands tightly holding the wheel. He tried to calm himself down. He’d meant to be playful, but it quickly went down a different road. Something about Sam really stirred up those feelings in him.
There was a heavy silence as they continued driving. Neither of them could think of anything to say. They each couldn’t decide if they should try to lighten the mood or if they wanted to push a little more. They reached the front of Sam’s apartment and Namjoon was disappointed that she unbuckled her seatbelt as soon as he stopped the car. He’d messed up; he’d really messed it up. He turned to apologize. He didn’t have a chance to say anything before Sam’s lips were on his. Her hands gripped his face as she kissed him harshly.
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