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Cosplayer Keikitamura
@mrjockX @amog32 I know they just finished the OVA, which I haven't seen yet. I should edit that and say it was just one point and pretty minor, honestly. I was just unhappy with how long certain scenes were being drawn out when they were shorter in the manga. Buuut, it's all good, since they picked up right after that and zoooomed on. :D
i heard there is going to be a live action movie of this coming soon. @yinofyan @amog32
@yinofyang what points did u not like if I may ask :)
@mrjockX Yes, I definitely agree with @amog32 . This series is pretty fantastic. There were a couple of points I was unhappy with earlier on in the series, but it quickly picked up and just took off. It's fast-paced and throws things at you that you didn't even see coming.
@mrjockX this show is insanely good. this has quickly become my favorite manga and anime just hate that it comes out once a month ASDAJWJAS!
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