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@n3xt Well, you've certainly been doing a good job of uploading stuff. :D Yes, I am replying to this three months later. That's how far behind I am. Hahahaha!
@yinofyang yea that i completely understand but I wonder how can i search for duplicate cards? I have been part of communities before but one reason I am scared to post is bc I am scared to offend or maybe put up something someone already has..........
@n3xt Sweet! I can't believe I forgot to ask, but which one are you getting in January? Ah, you know how it is with online communities, people come and people go. XD But, it's nice to see ya'll here. Nah, I wouldn't worry about that. The major thing you just need to look out for is NOT posting duplicate cards. :D
@yinofyang I will definitely be uploading once I get my hands on mine early january. people left? I wonder why. I have only a fews days here but so far I like it; i just hope that i don't upload some rejected stuff haha
@n3xt Do you have models to display too? Ohhh, please show us. :D It's so nice to have people to talk to on here about Gundam and anime @mrjockX . I think the anime community used to be a lot more active, but a lot of people left.
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