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Now we all know there are great leaders out there for our Idol groups but this takes the cake. Idols are people too and make mistakes and the way Leeteuk handles himself is amazing.
Yes there are things that shouldn't have happened to each member but those are choices that shape them into who they are, they learn from mistakes and move on.

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I think this guy is amazing! sending encouragement to fans after certain situations. I think this man deserves all the world's happiness.

Our Angels:

What happened to kangin?
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@loverofkpop yeah what @szewwy said lol
He is so kind and sweet! He is an amazing person!
Also I wanted to just say that I saw a poll online about the best leader in kpop and tbh I think Leeteuk is either the best or at least of this generation of kpop because of all the things that happened to sj that hes dealt with, losing his father and everything that went down in his personal life, hes tells elfs time and time again how much we and suju mean to him, and when a member got hurt, like kyus accident, hes very heartfelt and it really shows how much it hurts him too.
I love him so much he doesn't deserve that hate ppl are giving him his Our amazing angel πŸ˜‡ without wings
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