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Hello and what's up guys I'm back with Chapter 3 of Silent Malady :

If you haven't then please go read:

Things to know prior to reading:
-Use of strong language
-Drug References/Abuse
-Mention of Death/and or Suicide

--------------------Procede With Caution--------------------

"I wonder what she was really like.." I couldn't stop myself from thinking about her...Iye.

"Come on you need to eat." Taehee pushes yet another dish towards me.

Looking at parents with their children had become painful for me. These other families look so happy, so perfect. Meanwhile here I am...unknowing whether or not my own daughter is dead or alive. What she likes, what she dislikes. All these things. I'm unable to answer a single question about the very girl I've lived with for seventeen years. And Taehee how could he? How could he eat, where a smile matching those of the families around us. Is he even in the slightest bit worried. Our daughter has been gone for what had seemed like ages, but still he. I crush a napkin in my fist, trying to control my anger.

"This must be a prank. Just trying to make us worry... we haven't been paying much attention to her so-" All my frustration quickly turns into a deep sadness as i feel the tears begin to stream down my face. I can't even finish because of my uncontroable sobbing.

-Kwon Jiyong-

Humans can't fly so Why? Why did he still choose to jump? Even after he did they still made a mockery of him. And what about me, here I am fighting with these idiots over turf. I don't even want to be here, but I have no where else. No one else except, my beautiful creature on earth. She came to me, and gave me reason to fight. Even though I knew i'd end up losing in the end, I fought anyway. Iye whispers in the ears on who seems to be the leader and the leader calls them off.

"Come on guys let's go"

"STUPID ASSHOLES" they turned around and punched me once more making my body welcome the cool ground.

"Just stay down" they spat before running off.

"You saved me, again" I stood up brushing off my jeans thanking her. Iye she is always so bright so happy.

"I just wanted the commotion gone, this place belongs to me and him" Iye says before taking a swig from her water bottle.


"Do you want some." She tosses me her water.

"This the place where it all started, this roof top. He was alone, I was alone" She smiles reminiscing as if it all had happened to her yesterday. One day I would like her to smile the same way, when she thinks of me.

I go to take a sip from the bottle and to my surprise there's a burning sensation and I spit it out.


"He said to me, you probably want to disappear too right?" She grabs the bottle and takes a drink.

"Disappear?" I try to focus on the playful girl as she dances around the roof top.

"Cruel right, just leaving on this own like that" She runs toward the edge.

"IYE!!"  she stops.

"What?" She giggles walking back in my direction.

"I thought you were going to..."

"To jump off like he did" She smiles pushing my head playfully.

"Well no..."

"Silly~" She walks off.

"Wait, do you think I could be like Seungri?"

"What are you saying are you insane" She comeback towards me reaching for my face, I'm paralyzed as if a spell had been cast. To my surprise rips a bandage off of my face and I stumble back.

"You're hilarious"

"This is embarrassing, I work so much that I don't even know anything about my own daughter."

 Seventeen years and not a damn thing besides her name. What a joke.

"So you've come to talk to her teacher"

"Yea, looks like it"

"It's okay I have children of my own, sometimes I feel as if I have no idea what's going on in their lives. What they're thinking. Is Iye doing well?"

"Sure" I nod 

"I'm glad to hear that she's somewhat better, there was a time I believe she was contemplating suicide, almost as if she herself were reasonable for the death of that a poor boy."


She nods in agreement. "She frequently skipped school, she became pale, lost weight.."

"Dope, I mean was it drugs?"

She hesitates to answer but I take her silence as a yes.

"And then she began hanging to with these students" I point to the pictures of a boy name Choi Seunghyun and Lee Mari?"

"Im sorry for not telling you but at the time I wasn't sure of her actions myself"

"Where are they now?"

"Well Lee Mari died last year, she's just couldnt become clean and overdosed."

"Serves her right, little shits like that deserve to die. But know it's clear that those punks got Iye hooked on drugs and that the school knew but failed to take action. What a shame."

"That's not true-"

"HOW CAN IT NOT BE TRUE!!" I screamed at her grabbing her by the collar.

"What's your excuse" she failed to reply just as I thought.

"Useless" I scoffed

"Ah so it's you, you finally decided to open those files after all huh"

"Look cut the crap, who this pale kid" Taehee is always so feisty, maybe I should hang up and get him try again.

"If you hang up i swear, ive got a low battery and a low temper so cut you shit and tell me- who is he"

"Aish, relax remember that blood bath that happened not to long ago. The kids apart of the same gang that had to weep that Sunday. What a tragedy."

"You sense of sympathy is unreal you know that"
"I do try my best"

"Details, what's his name. The one with the outrageous number of piercings"

"Hey, hey calm down with all the questions you didn't even say hello to me"

"Hi, now what's the damn dude's name"

"Taehee, you really do crack me up"

"Taeyang, you really do piss me off, what's his name!?!"

"Seunghyun, Choi Seunghyun"

"Shit, that guy"

"Yea, what's the problem name not flattering enough for you? You can you his underground name T.O.P."

I scoff " The Problem? What problem? This is good news now I know to stretch because I'll be kicking some ads later."

"Aww, he T.O.P after all your True One Priority. Don't hate him to much now he is giving away free merch"

"Yea free drug to my daughter, I don't have time for a bootleg Santa, damn punk"
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