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Nap Time With Jimin!⭐💙🌛

Sleepy Baby ♡


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Jimin or Suga. y'all need to hit me up. I love napping. let's nap together 😂
5 months ago·Reply
It's hilarious how he sleeps. He'll sleep wildly.
5 months ago·Reply
he's so precious
5 months ago·Reply
I just wanna pounce on him in some of those! Others, I wanna snuggle in and cuddle with him!
5 months ago·Reply
Right?! Ughhh he's just so adorable !!!♡♡♡♡
5 months ago
He needs to keep those legs closed when sleeps... lol
5 months ago·Reply
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Just got all the goods out there!
5 months ago