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안녕하세요 친구

Hello my fellow K.A.R.D stans and soon to be K.A.R.D stans.


It's me again shining light on the beautiful group K.A.R.D.

**Last night K.A.R.D was in Mexico for their first tour and feels are shot. This is why I must travel to another country for them**
The fans in Mexico got a full blown fan meet session with fansigning, grabbing hands, hi-touch, photo op, gift giving (though not all could be accepted) and even HUGGING!!!!

Ughhh jelly. But they even got new outfits! ♡♡
♤Here the link that someone semi recorded for the fansign event: AQUIIII

♡Here's the link of them performing the cover of Side to Side: AQUII

◇Here's the link of B.M. being B.M: AQUII

Make sure to follow their community below: K.A.R.D Dealers: