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{{18+}} Due to language and violence.
*Seeing you with her brakes my heart. I feel like I cant even breath. A shortness of breath from jealousy. I wonder if you even think of me, think if your still hurting me because you are. Why must you do this to me? *

My heart began to cry as I see him leaving the store with her. The pounding inside my chest was ready to rip apart, but it knows that theres nothing more inside to rip apart. Im already in ruins.

I turn my car and begin to leave from the place. I couldn't watch any longer. I was in her place once with him. Smiling and laughing together. Looking at eachothers eyes and just admiring one another. I was there next to him, wrapped around his arms.

"What did i do wrong? How? "

These are the questions that runs in my head every day since he left. Nine years with him with two beautiful girls and he just left to be with her. He forgotten his family. He have forgotten about his girls. Most of all, he forgotten about me and what we had.
My phone began to ring and as I look at my phone it was my daughter's uncle.

"Hey Jos, where my girls at? " he giggles.
"They right here, say hello your on Bluetooth."
"Hii babies!! "
"Hi Uncle Ri"
"Hey Ri, I'll be there in 5 minutes"
"Aight. Hurry up"
"Boy... shut up"

He hangs up as he giggles. Seungri has been a very close friend of mine since we was in high school. He always supported me and his nieces. Somethimg which I wish his brother could do. Ya, unfortunately Seungri's brother is my daughter father, Jiyong.

I arrived at his place and Seungri quickly wemt to my car and open the door where the girls was.

"Uncle Ri!!! "
"Hi princess, ready to have a blast with uncle Ri"
"Yeah yeah"

I smile as the girls get all giggling and happy. I turn off the car and step out. As Seungri took the girls out he looks at me and just gives me a serious look.

"Jos, was you crying? "
"no.. im ok"
"Come on"

I follow him inside his house. He don have kids but his nieces are his life, and as life I meant is when he actually has a huge girly playhouse in his house. The girls always run towards the playhouse with Seungri and play. It's nice to see this.

Seungri grabs water and hands it to me. He looks at me with a worried face.

"Jos, you lost weight. Are you ok?"
"Im fine. Just hard dealing with this damn health"
"Has Jiyong called you?"

My heart stopped when he mentioned his name. I put the cup down and just nod no to Seungri.

"That fucking bastard. I told him to call you. This man. "
"Is ok. "
"Jos this is not ok. Those girls needs thier dad. They need thier father. I domt know why he is being this way. Does he even know ypur sick?"

I look at Seungri. I just gave him a look, a look which he knows that I didnt told Jiyong that I am sick. Seungri brushes his hair with full frustrations.

"Jos, when are you going to tell him. You dont have much time. The girls. "
"They have you.. "

Im trying so hard to hold the tears.

"They will always see me, but they need thier father also."
"He doesnt even care Ri, why should i waste time to talk to him. Even he dont even bother."
"Jos.. "
"Seungri, your brother was just not there. Its always his alcohol. And now that he has...."

God, I cant even say that Jiyong has a new woman. *Dont cry Jos, dont cry*

"Has what Jos. Come on talk to me. Since when you stay quiet. "
"Because, Its too hard to say it. "

Seungri grabs my shoulder and made me face him, but all I can do is look down.

"Tell me Joseline, you know that Im your best friend and I gotchu. "
"He has another... woman"

My tears just begin to fall. All I could do is cover my face from Seungri. Seungri hugs me and all I can do is let my tears fall.

"Relax Jos, just.. damnn it."

I know deep down Seungri dislikes Jiyong, especially with all the things that went down between me and Jiyong. Seungri was in and out of the military, so we barely talked and I always lied to him saying everything was ok and perfect. Reality, it was dark and painful.

"Imma go check on the girls. Clean yourself up ok"

Seungri stands and leave. I went to the bathroom and clean up my face. I look at myself in the mirror amd I can see death is behind me. Waiting to take me away from this cruel world. Cancer is eatimg me out and before I know it, it will take me.

I walked towards the playhouse and I stand behind the wall close to the door and I can hear the girls playing, giggling and laughing with Ri.

"Uncle Ri, can we ask you something? "
"Sure. "
"How's daddy? Is he still far away and working? "
"Far away? Who told you that Sindy.?"
"Mommy did. Is what she said when we ask her where is daddy. "
"Oh, well is true. Daddy working hard to buy nice things for his princess. Ah, I almost forgot. Daddy send you guys a small gift. Want to see it"

I went to peak through the door and I can see the girls jumping up and down as Seungri gave them a gift. Its really not a gift from thier dad, is a gift from me. I did this so they wont hate their father, but I know one day the truth will come out. They are only seven, I want them to still smile with no worries.

"Knock knock"
"Mommy.. look what daddy got us!! He got me a doll house."
"Oh wow!! Its beautiful Sarah. What about you Sindy?"
"He got me a crystal chess board game!"

I smile when I see them smile so great. They should not know whats pain. I hug my girls as my heart began to skip a beat. This is the only thing I have from him. My everything.

I hope you all are enjoying a bit so far. ♡

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omg I know this is going to be an emotional story my heartuu is already hurting for her 😭
Awwwwwwwww it's already so beautiful and yet so sad....
BB I love you. This is going to break my heart I can feel it.