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Hey Blinkies ^^ I missed yesterday so I'm combining days😄

Who is my bias?...

Idk, man it's hard to pick they're all so lovable!! ...and yet it would have to be between Rosé and Lisa
I admire Lisa's dance skills and her rapping, also her vocals, and she's so squishy and cute and weird 😂
I love Rosé's voice, it's very unique and her dancing as well. She's a caring and seems like such a fun person to be around!
It's hard to pick so I just choose to love them all 😌💕 And this has got to be the best dance in history! Ahhh I absolutely loved this so much
that I learned it, and it gave us a glimpse of their badass style. I literally could not take my eyes off Lisa! They all slay!
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