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{{18+}} Due to language and Violence

{{Seungri POV}}

It hurts to see my closet friend hurt. I never thought my brother would destroy a woman. Not like this. He was always sweet and generous to women. Seeing her close to death and my nieces go alone, I feel like I must do something.

Joseline left with the girls home. I look at the clock and it was 8pm. I grabbed my phone and dial Jiyong.

*you betta pick up asshole*

"What's good Jiyong"
"Nothing, about to get ready and see whats good tonight"
"I see, Wanna hang out. Go to a bar? Drinks on me bro".
"Nice. Its a date"

Jiyong hangs up. I smile because he is my only brother I have, but this time he must hear it from me. I went to get clothes ready and then I saw a pic of me and Jos. It was a high school freshman prom.

As much I love Jos, and knowing I cant have her because her eyes is on Jiyong. The best thing i can do is just give her a shoulder to hold on to and be there for her. She gave me two beautiful nieces which I am proud enough, but it brakes my heart to see her suffer.

I cant believe I was so blind to not noticed her lies and sadness. He has beat her down with digusting words. Words which no men should say to a woman like Joseline.

*Jiyong, Im sorry about today. But this must end*

I grabbed my car key and went to pick up Jiyong. I dont know what will happen, but Jiyong hasn't seen the girls for three months and worse of all, Joseline is dying. I dont understand. These girls was his life, and now he stopped.

>Im outside
<Im on my way bro

I look outside and I see Jiyong coming out of the house. *Oh how i wish to throw you a damn boulder at you* I smile as I think about waking this fucker up and realize he has a family. Worst of all, he got a bitch now. *This asshole*

"Hey Seungri "
"Long time no see"
"Hell ya, hows the military life? "
"Is good. Not bad at all. Now let's go and have a couple of drinks. "
"And food.... Im starving"
"Ok Fat ass... " I giggle while I drove off.

We order some food and drinks. As time went by, we only talked about military and work. We laughed as we brought memories of our childhood. But i think its time to change the subject. I grabbed the bottle of soju and began to pour.

"Jiyong, we need to talk. "
"About what.. "
"Your daughters. When was the last time you saw your girls. "
"I dont know. two.. three months i think."
"Dont you miss them? "
"Ofcourse I do.. "
"No you fucking dont. Because you wont even bother fucking see them. So how can you say that."

He gives a big sigh, then he looks away.

"Anyways, I heard that they are not my kids"

I quickly and slapped him at the back of his head.

"You fuck. Since when you believe what other people said. What the fuck is wrong with you Jiyong. Those girls look identical like you. How can you fucking reject your girls. Worse part, the shit you done to Joseline."
"Its over and done. "
"You manipulated her. Emotionally abused her and you even laid hands on her once. What is wrong with you? What... is alcohol better than your family"
"Yes. It is!! Alcohol makes me feel good. Makes me forget. Anyways, Joseline sometimes say things i dont like."
"That because you make her say things, same as how stupid you are when your fucking drunk. Those girls cry for thier father, they want to see you."

Jiyong puts his head down. I know that deep down, it hurts him. It hurts when is about his daughters. I know he loves them dearly, but he is soo stupid to even realize it.

"Do you even love your daughters? "
"Ofcourse I do"
"Then what the fuck are doing? "

Jiyong can only look at me. I want to tell him that Joseline is sick but Im holding it off.

"Go visit the girls Jiyong. They need you and they want to see you. What if mom and dad was here, will you do this type of actions if they was alive."

Our parents died due to a car accident. It took a huge chuck out of us. I had to pretty much raise Jiyong. He was fucked up but Joseline came into his life and mines. She really was the light but especially for Jiyong. Made him smile and laugh, which I havent seen months. Joseline gave him a new view of life. That was love.

Jiyong changed his life around and raised his grades and went on with his dream of opening a clothing label. She supported him and helped him created the huge label he has now. Jiyong is CEO and who helped him become that, Joseline. Till alcohol became into him and little by little he has forgotten who was she and his family.

"No right! Fix your act up Jiyong. Im doing this for the best of those girls and you, but also Joseline"
"Joseline is fine"
"No she is not"
"What you mean. She never called me or texted me. So i guess she is doing fine. Some people said she is seeing someone else"
"You dumb coconut head".

*Jiyong let me push you off a building., damnnn it!! *

"So she is. She fine. So i got no shit with her."

I didnt want to do this, but I must. *Im sorry Joseline*

"She has cancer and she is dying"

Jiyong drop his drink and all he can do is look at me. I stand up and grabbed my car keys. I told him to find himself a way home and I left. I just hope he thinks well.


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