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Hey Carats!

How else would you get your daily dose of Vitamin D(K)? Here's some reasons to love Dokyeom :D

Mood Booster & Smile

He's so energetic, playful and happy all the time, I bet he can make anyone cheer up! He'll do anything to make all of Seventeen and Carats smile.

His Engrish

DK vs. Seokmin

The contrast is hilarious but you gotta love both sides of him

His Voice!!!!!

we all gotta appreciate his high notes and the ability to be an incredibly stable singer in live stages on top of the dancing!!

Of course I also have to throw in this cover of "She Didn't Love Me" by Yang Da Il Seventeen released this morning on their Youtube channel. And omg guys its so beautiful, I want him to do an OST so badly his voice is perfect for it!!
Diamonds in the Sky 💎

13K Elite🥕
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sometimes i take him for granted, he's seriously SUCH a great member and important part of the team. he deserves all the love!