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The MBTI test is a way of measuring one's personality :)

I am not 100% sure these are their personality types but this is my best guess as a fan, not knowing them personally!

Here's the letter breakdown:

I/E - Introverted or extroverted
S/N - Sensing or Intuition
F/T - Feeling or Thinking
P/J - Percieving or Judging

Take the test yourself here!

Jin - ISFP

• "The Adventurer"
• Spontaneous
• Adventurous in general especially with food
• Needs time alone to reflect and recharge
• Sensitive to feelings of others
• Confident
• Charming

Suga - INTJ

• "The Architect"
• Imaginative
• Decisive
• Private
• Curious
• Intelligent
• Likes to observe others before jumping into conversations
• Loses energy quickly from being socially active

J-Hope - ENFP

• "The Campaigner"
• Charming
• Independent
• Energetic
• Compassionate
• Passionate
• Supportive of the people they care about
• Like to try new things

Rap Monster - ISTP

• "The Virtuoso"
• Friendly
• Calm
• Spontaneous
• Born leader
• Natural entrepreneur
• Extremely curious

Jimin - INFJ

• "The Advocate"
• Quiet but very passionate about beliefs
• Sensitive to feelings of others
• Helping others is purpose of life
• Forget to take care of themselves
• Extremely loyal to family and friends
• Always improving himself
• Loves harmony and when others work together


• "The Logician"
• Very rare!
• Passionate
• Honest (can spot lies easily!)
• Creative genius
• Visionary
• Does not like boring day-to-day routines
• Intelligent
• Family is very important

Jungkook - ISFJ

• "The Defender"
• Adaptable
• Kind
• Enthusiastic
• Perfectionist
• Confident but humble
• Generous
• Needs to express himself

What's your personality type?!

The mod of the BTS community already posted the real results lol:
@SkyBlast i hope i didnt do anything to make you mad at me cause this is the second comment i feel that you're making me feel like i did something wrong. like on the western media using BTS card, your comment was clearly trying to make me look like a hypocrite. please let me know if i rubbed you the wrong way and sorry i was trying to make a creative card.
umm... guys sorry but quite a bit of this is incorrect 3/7 of them r extroverts
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@kpopandkimchi I think they meant the results from where BTS took the test on their recent profiles. Most of your results for them don't match the official results which were: Jin=INTP, Suga=INFP, J-Hope=ESFJ, RapMon=INFP, Jimin=ENFJ, V=ENFP, & Jungkook=INFP. (though Suga only gave his results a 0.5 out of 5 accuracy rating, lol. Everyone else gave theirs 3 or more.)
I'm actually not similar to any of them exactly. I'm closest to Jhope which I figured and also similar to Jimin. I'm ENFJ. I have a "Protagonist Personality" which they mentioned is rare. only 2% of the population has this personality. Like Hobi I'm an Extrovert which I knew, I'm similar to him except for me having the Judging trait. From Jimin, everything similar but I'm not an introvert. I was reading about the Protagonist Personality and it's so accurate for me. Like being very honest and making friends easily. I also have the positive mindset.
infp-t Mediator which is absolutely accurate.
same as v~~ ^_^
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