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HS drives Tan to the campsite. HS waits in car as Tan walks off. MS sees. Tan calls someone. He walks into scene of YD pulling ES into a hug. ES pushes his off. YD says he is showing Kim Tan. “He is here in back of you.” Tan walks over. The two start bickering. YD says “you must really like her. Also relay my truth. I think I like ES. She doesn’t seem to believe me when I say it. You tell her.” YD leaves. Tan sees ES staring off, so he tells her to focus. Het gets angry that he came all this way and saw this. “I know you are having a difficult time because of me, but I hope YD is not the way you escape from me.” Rachel gets into HS’s car, waiting for Tan. She asks if Tan went to go see ES. Tan arrives. She tells him to get in the back. HS and Tan settle into the hotel room. R asks if Tan met ES. HS leaves. T says he saw her and is waiting for her call. R asks if ES told him that she hit ES. ES didn’t. R reminds Tan that he got engaged to her in the presence of her entire family. “Do you know liking her as no meaning (strength?).” Tan: I know, that is why I am going crazy. Girls talking about how they saw YD hugging ES. ES is listening when YD shows up. Tells her to not listen, and don’t get hurt. He takes the girls shoes and throws them away. They talk in front of the can. YD says he is sure ES lives in Tan’s house. “Don’t answer my questions. If you give the answer, I can’t ask you anymore.” Otherwise, they have nothing to talk about. YD lists the reasons why she could be living inside tan’s house. He also asks, “Answer this one thing. Do you really like Tan?” ES: “yes.” YD: “I see. Don’t touch these shoes. If you do, I’ll take revenge.” R gets call. It is from CY. Teacher is taking roll-call. R’s mom finds out that R is sleeping at the hotel near the campsite. E has come to check on YD’s dad. She catches him red-handed. Something about a report going out about their marriage—E wants it delayed. E sees YS’ mom. YS is talking to her mom about the sneakers. She leaves. ES sees Tan waiting outside the tent. ES asks when Tan prepared that campsite. Tan: “What are you thinking? It was already here.” He takes off his jacket and puts it on her. He asks why she called. She asks why he came back. Tan: “because I missed you.” He tells her to choose between both sleeping inside or both sleeping outside cold. He is not sending her back tonight. ES smiles. She is glad. Tan thinks she is acting weird, starts to explain about why he got angry before. ES interrupts and says she had a lot of reasons she called but thinking about it now, she just missed him. Tan sits down next to her. He asks is she is being shunned by the other kids. ES says she is just escaping into a dream tonight. “I really wanted to something like this.” ES leans her head on his shoulders. ES: “This is more uncomfortable than I thought.” She starts to lift head, but Tan pushes it back down, saying “it’s because you are really leaning your head…you’re supposed to lean your heart.” They talk about stars and horror movies. ES likes horror movies because it makes her troubles seem less. Tan asks if he is one of her troubles. ES replies, “I’m sleepy.” She closes her eyes. Daybreak. Tan can’t believe ES actually fell asleep. He complains his hand got rough. Can’t they hold hands? ES says no, but he grabs her hand. They walk together hand in hand. ES brings up the Hollywood sign. Tan is like that to her. When she looks, he seems close, but he is really far. ES also says “you’re not one of my troubles. You’re one of the good things. But this is the end of the dream. “ES tries to pull away her hand, but Tan won’t let her. He says something nice here I didn’t catch… BN hears that Tan came. She thinks that is why R was away last night. YS remarks that Tan is now playing ES, going to R. Seminar. R is already there sitting. YD comes in to and seems a little flustered to see ES there. YS asks if R was with Tan last night. Tan and HS are eating breakfast. All the kids come in. ES tries to sneak past quietly, but HS calls out her name. ES sits at another table. Tan offers seat to YD. He sits at their table. R comes and sits, pretending to have spent time with Tan. BN comes and HS says something about Tan being with him. Tan remarks something to make it seem like he waited for R. After BN leaves, YD comments that Tan has someone he misses, and someone else he wants to sleep with. ES gets up from her table. YD follows. Tan watches the two from his seat. R to Tan: stop watching. YD and ES. YD drops ES into pool. Tan gets up. “No one comes out.” ES: Do you have go this far? Is this the truth that you wanted to relay? YD: What I did just now is what Kim Tan will do to you from now on. So stop. ES: Thank you for warning. But I know. Also, I’m going to kill you. Tan comes and kicks YD in. YD isn’t even angry. He gets out as Tan puts out hand to ES YD: Are you going to make Cha Eun Sang be called a “mistress” like someone? Tan: Shut that mouth. Will you be able to handle the consequences? HS comes out to stop fight. CY and BN come to help. Before CY can help ES, BN does. HS sends Tan up. Tan leaves. YD puts towel on ES. On way home, HS nags Tan. Tan just wants him to drive. Home for HS. Mom is not angry that HS was out all night, but that he didn’t go to college interview. HS says he doesn’t care to go to law school. Mom screams why are you like this? HS teary says, finally you are asking. Why I don’t want to go to law school, why I took those drugs. Mom says they will talk about this after the college admission test. HS’s mom call JS. JS is at the Tan home. She sees ES’s mom notebook, KA tries to block JS from seeing it. JS knows that KA put someone on her. JS threatens she will show KA soon exactly where her place is. KA and ES’s mom are negotiating. How much money per notebook? Haahahah. Two dollars for each notebook. Reports are out that R’s mom and YD’s dad are getting married. Kids gossip hurtful things. R hears. YD and R have their sarcastic conversation at the lockers. He says it should be at this point that he and her start liking each other. R throws it right back, but YD says it’s too late, since he started to like someone. ES is listening from her locker. YD sees her. R walks away. Outside, R is crying. Tan comes and asks if she is okay. R is asking why he is being nice. He says he is being a friend. R gets mad. Tan remarks she has tried to be an adult when she doesn’t even know how to properly get angry. Tan pats her back. Es sees this from afar. YD comes. ES comforts YD too. These gossip are about him too. She realized, he is only 18. Tan sees this from his point. Tan goes into broadcast room. He blocks ES in the recording room. He talks to her through the mic into her headphone. He says his existence is a misunderstanding to some people. So he going to explain other misunderstanding. He explains it was just friendship between him and R just now. He is also sorry for leaving her in the pool like that. Third, what did she say to YD so his eyes were shaking? ES gets annoyed so she opens door. HA, Tan has totally failed in blockading the room. ES teases him about his 100th place. YD and MS are in a little food place they used to go when they were younger. MS asks why they came all the way here for dukbokki. YD says it is because this is the place he lost something Flashback, Tan trying to grab YD to show him something, but YD has refused. Back to present. MS: what did you lose? YD: Mom and friend. Yoon asks if Won decided to break up with HJ. Won says he just chose an order, the company first than HJ. JS comes. She asks Won if he knows when Tan’s b-day is. Does he remember what his dad gave Won on his birthday? JS: After Tan gets his birthday present this year, his shares will be equal to or perhaps more than yours. Won wants Yoon to do something, but JS lets him know that Yoon also has a lot of stocks (something of this sort). Won is shocked. JS asks Won, “Is there someone on your side in this company?” At meeting, Won looks around. He sees no one he can say is on his side. At home, maid asks ES to change the incense sticks. ES is tries to walk past Tan’s room unnoticed, but he already knows. He pulls her into his room, asking what she and YD talked about. Did he confess to her? ES doesn’t give him a straight answer. She tries to leave Tan: If you turn your back to me, I will hug you. If you talk back, I will kiss you. Uh oh, KA comes in. She asks ES if she is crazy, how dare she come into this room?! Tan says ES is suffering already just by the fact that he likes her. KA is shocked. What if dad finds out? Tan send ES away. KA warns Tan about Won. Tan says Won has what he is supposed to have. As for him, no one is going to decide for him who he likes or wants. He asks mom for her support. ES goes to her room. KA comes in, angry at mom. Mom signs that it was wrong that ES went to Tan’s room, but it is Tan who keeps asking for ES. ES just translates that Mom is saying sorry. Tan comes and takes him mom out. ES apologizes to Mom for making her hear those kinds of things. Mom apologizes because she can’t speak. ES says she is sorry because she likes Tan. Mom offers to leave the house. ES says please, can I transfer too? Tan is in the wine cellar, calling, texting ES to talk just one moment. She won’t respond. Tan finally just goes to ES’s room but no on is there. He finds ES’ mom in kitchen. He asks where ES is. Mom says ES left to say she is sleeping over at a friend’s house. Tan is out searching for her. He calls her. No one answers. ES sees her missed calls from Tan. ES calls BN. To sleep at her house. When BN says no, ES says CY’s name, which of course makes BN say yes. At BN’s house. ES tells BN that her mom is a maid. BN figured something of that level. ES also confesses that her mom can’t talk. BNshocked face. She apologizes for getting so surprised. BN asks then who that other woman who paid for the camping trip is. Nope, wait, she doesn’t want to know. BN sleeps, ES can’t. Tan can’t either, sitting in the wine cellar. ES is at school early. Too early, the gate isn’t open. ES walks along street. Sees YD at the convenience store eating ramen. YD catches her eye. ES buys milk. YD shows up next to her. YD asks if she didn’t go home. ES wants to ask the same to him. ES says YD has no reason to know. ES says something else to which YD replies, “don’t look at me like that, it makes me nervous.” ES and YD are standing at crosswalk. Tan pulls up in car across street. YD sees him but ES doesn’t. YD asks if he should help her avoid Tan. He pulls her in next to her. ES struggles to get out but YD holds tight saying he is curious what Tan will put on the line. ES sees Tan. YD and ES walk the crosswalk. Tan too. It looks like they are just going to pass by but Tan grabs ES’s hand. Tan asks ES to just look at him but ES pulls out of his hold. Tan reaches out his hand, asking her to go together, even though it will be difficult. YD: Don’t hold his hand. Preview for Episode 12: