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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with Sunwoo Sunday. For this week's theme, we are doing a slumber party week. I'll be starting it out with Sunwoo.

Sunwoo calls you saying there is going to be a slumber party. We are invited to attend. I found out my friends and other members are also invited. Sunwoo is really excited about it. So you agree to go with him.
Sunwoo picks you to go to the Slumber Party. He fills you in on the details. Its a grown up version of Slumber Party. We are both dressed in our night clothes. The party is at a hotel. The person hosting party had reserved a whole floor of the hotel. We were surprised when we arrived. There were lots of couples heading to the same floor. I saw some of my friends with other members. We reach the the floor of the Slumber Party. We walk around and look in the rooms. The beds were decorated with canopy tents and tiny lights. It was really cute and romantic.
There was a room just for food and drinks. It had every thing you need for a slumber party. Popcorn, candy, nachos and crazy junk food.
There is also a conference room turned into an outdoor movie theater. People were already eating and watching a movie playing. We decided to wait and go look for some drinks.
Did I mention all the food and drinks? It was crazy how much there was. It turned out there were actually a couple of rooms for food and drinks. We got ourselves some food and drinks. We started mingling with the other guests. I was looking for my friends but still haven't seen them yet. I hope they are also having a great time like I am with Sunwoo.

Well that's the first part of Boys Republic Slumber Party Week. I hope you like the beginning. Stay tune for other members cards this week.

Dude..a whole hotel floor...just for a slumber party..that's everything! And I just made a blanket fort with my sister last night 😐this sounds waaaay cooler
@sukkyongwanser Thank you
I love your slumber party! It is fun!
@SerenaArthurs Thank you! It would be cool to do something like that 😁