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What is up with the swamp of Heirs stills tonight/today?! Putting off sleep for a few more minutes then … Dubbed by entertainment news outlets as the Ice Queen of Heirs, Rachel Yoo’s tenacious facade breaks down. On the November 13th episode of Heirs, Rachel sobs up a storm while expressing her real feelings to Tan. What those actual feelings are, we’ll have to wait and see, but such naked expression appears to appeal to Tan’s sympathetic side as he puts a comforting hand on her shoulder. While she has been a witch, she has been the recipient of Tan’s stinging jackassery and at times, unfairly, so, sympathy deserved. The scene was filmed on November 9th, and Kim Ji Won had the admiration of the crew since she turned on the tear works within three seconds (they actually timed it?), a feat the actress attributes to music listening and focusing on imagining scenarios in her head. While I don’t care much for the character, it’d still be a nice change to see Rachel grow, and maybe this meltdown will be her turning point. Photo © SBS | Newsen >>