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Part 2
"Would you mind if I recorded this?" Rose asked nervously. Mr. Jung said nothing but gave a slight nod indicating he did not mind.
"Ah, thank you." Rose smiled. It took her a moment to find the recorder. "I'm sorry. This isn't my field of expertise. My roommate is sick and asked me for a favor." She spoke setting the recorder on the table between them. Leo just gave a nod but once again didn't say anything. After hitting record Rose began to question Leo.
"So it's been said that you don't like to do interviews. You always manage to slip out of them or only answer a few question before leaving. Is there any specific reason for that?"
"I like to keep things private." He simply stated. Rose nodded.
"That's understandable. Oh!" She spoke stopping herself from asking the next question. "My apologies! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview." She gave a slight bow. Leo's mouth quirked up and spoke a quiet "You're welcome."
"Alright onto the next question." Rose's voice shook. She blushed at Leo's intense gaze. the questions varied from something simply to deeper one. What was his favorite color? Was he close with his adopted family? Did he ever want to change his choice of career? What would he be doing if he wasn't a business man? How much of his past was he willing to talk about? Did he have any memory of his parents? If so was it good or bad.
Navy Blue, Black and White where his favorite colors. He felt that he was close to them in his own way. He would of gone into sports but an injury held him back. So he changed course. No he no longer wanted to choose a different career. HE loved helping children find homes or have food in their stomach. He had too much money as it was. He wasn't exactly willing to talk about his past much at all. He did not have much of a memory of either of them. Rose saw through it though. Clearly Leo remembered something. She didn't press. She felt it would be crossing the line if she did. Heck she was already crossing the line. No wonder people didn't like the press. They wanted to know every little detail. Details of details of one detail. Ugh it was so annoying!
Rose tried to hold in her grimaces. It was clear Leo was uncomfortable at certain questions. She really didn't think it was appropriate to ask them but she had to press on. If Hakyeon wasn't such a close friend she would of skipped over too personal questions. He never complained her asked her to stop.
"Alright, last question Mr. Jung." Rose began. She wasn't thinking when she read it off the list.
"Are you gay Mr. Jung?" Neither spoke. Once Rose realized what she asked her eyes widen and she covered her mouth.
"I. Am. So. Sorry!" She spoke bowing. "I should of read the questions before hand. That was incredibly rude and unprofessional of me!" Rose bit her lip not wanting to meet Leo's gaze. Her cheeks burned in embarrassment. When she dared to look up she was shocked. Leo had a smirk on his face.
"Don't worry. I understand these are not your questions. No Miss Smith, I am not gay. Thank you for being offended on behalf though."
Rose just chuckled awkwardly still blushing. Leo reached forward and grabbed the recorder off the table.
"I believe that was your last question Miss Smith?" Leo asked. Rose nodded. "May I turn this off?"
"Of course." Rose nodded. Leo hit the stop button and kept the device in his hand.
"Since you seem to know so much about me," Leo paused playing with the device. "How about getting to know you?"
"Me?" Rose asked surprised. Leo gave a nod. "W-what do you want to know?"
"Are you seeing anyone currently?" His gaze unwavering. Rose found it hard to keep his gaze and kept glancing at her hands. The butterflies in her stomach made her shifting in her seat.
"Um, no. I'm trying to focus more on finding a job."
"You currently have no job?"
"Well, I was a teacher for a year." Rose found herself speaking more easily now. "With summer break and not tutoring I need to find something."
"Have you applied anywhere?"
"Yes. A few places actually. My top choice is actually the writing and animation production team."
"Really?" Leo quirked a brow. Rose couldn't help but smile. Nodding continued. "I love kids and really admire what you've done for them. My dream though is to publish my own books or be known for some of my drawings." Rose smiled sheepishly. "I hope so. I'm not sure. A girl can dream." She shrugged.
"Do you have of your works with you?" Leo asked intrigued. Rose blushed and began playing with the end of the notebook in her lap.
"Just a few. They're rough sketches though. Nothing very good. A few poems and thoughts written down."
"May I see?" Leo didn't hide his curiosity. Rose bit her lip unsure of what to do. She opened her mouth to say 'no' but instead a "Yes" came out. Carefully Rose got her travel size sketch pad out.
"It's mostly just doodles." Rose mumbled unable to bring herself to hand it over. Leo's gaze held interest as he held his hand out. Before she could begin to protest Leo took it from her grasp. It was so quick that Rose had to blink a few times to realize it was no longer in her hands. Quietly Leo's looked through her entire sketch pad. Anytime Rose reached for it Leo held it out of reach. If it wasn't for Hakyeon Rose would of snatched it back instantly.
"They're good." Leo's quiet voice spoke causing Rose to shift from her thoughts.
"Oh, um, thank you." Rose mumbled holding out a hand. It was unnerving having someone else look at it. It was like someone seeing her naked. Of course no one had ever seen her naked before. Showing someone her drawings was a big deal.
"I know someone who would be interested in hiring you." Leo spoke pulling out a business card. Handing it to her Rose took it.
"Call and ask for Ken. Give him my name and you'll get an interview by the end of the week."
Rose was speechless. Jung Taekwoon or, Leo as he liked to be called. Just offered her a interview with no wait. Rose didn't know what to say. She wanted to thank him but nothing could come out. It was actually quite touching.
"Miss Smith. Miss smith!" Leo's voice brought her back.
"Hmm?" She hummed. Leo simply pointed to her bag. Her cell phone was ringing none stop.
"Aish! I thought I turned it off!" She hurriedly grabbed it. Seeing that it was Hongbin she answered.
"It better be an emergency." She all but growled. Her mouth fell open upon hearing the next set of words. "YOU SET THE KITCHEN ON FIRE?!?"

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