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Hello Beautiful ARMYs!! Today is the final day of this weeks BTS 4 year anniversary event! I would like to thank everyone who participated & read the cards we made this week.♡ Today's theme is a letter from an ARMY.

Here is mine♡ :
Dear, Bangtan
On behalf of all ARMY Thank you for...

I know all the fame and attention have had many wondering what's next for you boys with all this international attention and breaking into the U.S. Many have asked "Are you going to release an American album" ??.. and instead of doing so, you all decided to continue making music the way you want to, in Korean with no intention of breaking into the U.S music market. That is admireable.
While all the odds were stacked against you, coming from a small company, almost disbanding, and low budgets..you pulled through. Your strength and detemination are like no other. And here we all are 4 years later, both Bangtan and ARMY. ♡
Thank you for always trying your best to communicate with all your fans. For cutting down the language barriers and loving all ARMY equally. For all the Tweets, V lives and small events you prepare just for us (Im talking about your heart events Jin! ), and never letting us forget how much you love and appreciate us.
I know how tired you boys must be, going from schedule to schedule, writing music all day, practicing, and not to mention the CRAZY 15 hour flights when on tour. You're all human after all. Regardless, you always put on the most amazing shows! And always put in 110% into everything you do! You are always so happy and bright even though you may not be feeling it.
For speaking out for us, and relating to us when no one else would, thank you. I dont have words to express how your music has helped me and many others out there. Your songs are the best, honestly. Thank you for sharing your lyrics no, your stories with us. Your music has touched the hearts of many and will continue to do so for many years to come.
The tears, the laughs and everything in between. From your debut song to your recent album. From all those BTS Bombs to BTS Episodes. From your first Rookie award 2013 to Arists Of the Year 2016. There are SO many amazing memories you have given us, no. . that we have made together. We love you BTS and may you stay together with us for 1000000 years !!!! ♡

That's my letter to our wonderful boys. For this i decided to write everything down that first came to mind, no editing or re-wording so that'd i could write with the most honest heart and mind. ♡ I hope you all enjoyed our 1 week event!! ♡♡


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