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I am so Happy to see him again in a Magazine.. He is getting out there finally. Although, I want to see him more in shows like Laws of The Jungle, some other reallity shows.
I am very proud of all of them, I see they still doing concerts like now they still in Thailand they just had 2 Days in Bangkok and are going to Phuket on Tuesday.. they will have 2 more days of Swagger in Japan after Thailand.. Then July 1st they will hold a fanmeet in Hong Kong Jackson's Home.
And they they sound like they eillnhave a comeback soon.. I can't think of anything Iam just assuming they will have some rest, some vacation. I don't see anything on their schedule for summer last fanmeet I see is HK..I hope they will have some rest and enjoy some vacation during summer..and then prepare for come back..
They deserve some time off for themselves and also to spend with family specially those that don't see their family often because they live in another country.
My Markie-Pooh is looki g Awsome ♡


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