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so like
bought the 4th term thing, put my info on global interpark site, and like I'm still not leveled up yet on the fancafe ???? I check like everyday and still nothing. does bighit like upgrade u automatically or like at some point later on?
Then I hear from both sides saying that if u bought 4th term u don't need to do the quiz crap to level up and the "you need to buy the kit and still take the quiz to level up" and
just so sick and confused.
Like someone please help me. I bought the 4th term thing the day it came out, been checking everyday since May 8th and still NO change to my status on the fancafe. I just want to see what our babies are up to 😩 and like
paid for the kit so
wanna be upgraded if
did. Idek I'm just stressed about it. Someone help a fellow ARMY in need 😩😭❤️
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