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{{Jiyong POV}}

"Cancer.... dying... Joseline"

I look at Seungri leaving the lounge. My heart paused and everything went silent. I went to Seungri and grabbed his arm.

"I dont have a way home. "
"Your on your own man, ypu did this to yourself. Ask one of your liquors to help you out. Maybe they can find a solution. "

Just like that, my brother left me. I grabbed my jacket and left the lounge. I found a bar and head inside. I order my poiosing for tonight. I grabbed my phone and noticed that I had a couple of messages. Its my girlfriend.

>Where you go?
>What time you coming?
>Jiyong answer me.

I erased the messages. *She acts just like.... * That moment, she came into my mind. Joseline. She used to always text me when I was out. Making sure I get home safe. God how i used to hate it, but I actually missed it.

I began to drink and drink. Shot after shot. Everything seemed so numbed but also my girls. My little beautiful girls. I grabbed my phone and focus my eyes to find a picture of my daughters. When I fpund them, I can see their huge smiles. I do miss them, but I dont feel like facing Joseline. We always argue and its just annoying.

Seungri's voice keep repeating in my head *she has cancer, she is dying* This cant be true, Joseline was always a strong woman. How can she be dying? I look at my phone again, I went into my folders of my pics and at the very end, there's a picture of her and us together.

*Im sorry Joseline, sorry for hurting you and for making you cry. But, is it true. Is it true that you hate me? *

A memory just hit at the back of my head, I enter the house at 2am and Joseline was waiting for me at the living room. She looked worried and she came to me see if Im ok. I would yell at her and push her away. She then yelled that she hated me. I don't blame her because I told her that I don't love her anymore. But, is it true?

I dial Seungri.

"What Jiyong? "
"Bro... come on. Give me a moment to explain my side... of the stoey you know. "
"Jiyong.. "
"Im serious. I know im drunk. But please"
"Fine. Where are you? "
"Ast Cafe Bar"

Seungri hangs up and I began to drink some beers. I quickly texted my girlfriend that I will be with my older brother for the night. I quickly stand up and went to pay for my drinks.

"How much man? "

I paid him like nothing. Well its nothing to me, it's whatever. I stepped outside and light up a cigarette.

"Jiyong.. come on man. Get in the car"

I smile and went inside the car.

"Whooo, what's up bro. Nice car!! "

{{Seungri POV}}

Jiyong is drunk and loud. I sometimes wonder if he even thinks while he is drunk. As I was driving home, he made me stop by Joseline's house. As i arrived at her house, she wasn't home.

"See man, she is never home. She is probably fucking some other fuck. This bitch has another man"
"How you know that? "
"I just do. She is a hoe like that"

That's it, I had enough. I quickly grabbed Jiyong's head and slammed it to the headboard of the car. He quickly began to throw punches, but I wasnt having it. I slammed him again and again.

"Alright man. Chill"
"Then shut the fuck up. "

I reversed the car and then burn my tires out of there. I drove to my house in high speed. I have never done this to my brother because I always cherish him, but he deserves it. I parked my car in my driveway, then I steped out of the car and went to the passenger side. I open the door and grabbed him the collar and pull him out.

"Yo man, what the fuck? "
"Your think your tough, come on boy. Lift up those fists, the same ones you punched Jos with."
"Seungri, stop. Im drunk"

I quickly swinged and pop him in the face.

"That shit didn't stopped you when you did it. It didnt stopped you when you called her a bitch, and piece of shit and a worthless mother. "

Jiyong looks at me and he knows I am pissed. Then he grins at me and stands up.

"You want her huh, well.. take the hoe"

I swing. "That is the mother of your girls"
"Then why you protect her so much, if she has nothing to do with you "
"Because she is my best friend, the woman of my brother and the mother of two beautiful nieces. If it wasnt for her, where would we be after mom and dad died"
"That was before, now she is nothing. "

Jiyong comes at me and swings badly, but I quickly grabbed him amd put my hands around his neck.

"You dont deserve her. Look what you have done to her. You ruined her. You broke her into pieces"
"Its why I left. "

I let him go and he began to cough as he catches his breath.

"I left her because I know she dont deserve me"
"If you knew, why hurt her"
"I dont know man"

I ran my hair with my fingers and just took a deep breath. I look down and lower my hands towards him. He looks at me and grabs my hand. I lift him up and took him inside my house. I took out the first aid and began to treat his bruises on his face.

"Im sorry Jiyong, but this has to stop"
"I dont know how. I dont know how to stop, or begin or fix it. Anyways i got someone else. "
"A woman who is not the person you want."
"Dont disrespect my woman man."
"The real woman was Joseline, not that BITCH! "

I closed the kit and stand up. I left the room before i do anymore damages to that kid. What really happened between them? I must talk to Joseline and know what really happened because clearly this man dont give a fuck.

*Things I do for this family*

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