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Hello and whats up guys i hope youre enjoying the story because its time for. CHAPTER 4
If you haven't yet please read:

[Chapter Warnings] Things to know prior to reading:
-Strong Use Of Language
-Drug References
-Sexual Abuse
-Domestic Abuse/Violence

------------------- Proceed With Caution -------------------

Dinner tonight with Hyun-Ju was more quite then ever. You would be thought that she was a mute with the amount of chattering she was doing. Doesn't the bitch know it's rude to treat such a humble guest this way.

"He works for the Choi group" Of course punks like him would work for one of the most well renown gangs in Seoul. They thrive on the pain other others, I'd expect nothing less from the shit of the world.

"This is the guy that roped Iye in. It's all his fault." I tapped on the photo of Choi Seunghyun before sliding the yearbook towards Hyun-Ju. She didn't even flinch. I'm starting to feel like I'm talking to myself. I came here so she's could have a peace of mind and stop fucking calling and the whore won't even talk to me. Im starting to get agitated. The least she can do is look at me and pretend like she's paying attention. The food in front of her had been sitting there for at least an half an hour. It's a shame to let such food go to waste.  I stick my fore finger down hooking it on the side of the bowl pulling it towards Me.

"I got his address. Once I find him I'll find out where Iye is and then i'll-"

"Are you happy?" 

So she finally decides to speak and asks about my emotions? What is she's my psychiatrist. I take a shot of soju. 

"You know she's doing drugs-"

"Now don't be ridiculous"

"THEN WHY DO YOU LOOK SO OVER-JOYED!" Hyun-Ju got up and left the table fuming. I don't get what's her problem though. Am I to mope around like some damn kid. Maybe she's should be the one taking meds.
- Hyun-Ju -

Time seems to only fall slower each day without her. Day by Day the pain in my chest grows stronger. But for him, it's like the drunk doesn't even notice the reality of his own daughter being stripped away from his life. I try to sleep away this nightmare if Freddie does exist I pray that he'd enter my dreams tonight to end my suffering. My thoughts are shattered when I feel the presence of lips touch my own.  I roll over and try to go to sleep but the touch don't stop. I scream and throw of the person getting up from the bed. Taehee..

"Are you crazy!!!"

"I will find Iye so-" He comes closer but push him back.

"You dare do this with you're own daughter missing!!"

"Lets start over"

"Get out!!!"

"You can't find her on your own and you know it"

"If I don't put it out you won't look for her, you all ready to move in. You don't even care for her"

 He grabs me by the hair and forcefully kisses me. I desperately try to fight him off. But with keep move he only becomes more forceful. I can't push him off anymore so I reach for near my objects. I find and alarm clock and repeatedly bash him in the head until he loosens up his trip enough to allow me to escape. He shortly follows behind me.

"Youre the one who doesn't care. All these years of abandonment and you think a few tears will convince me you're a good mother. Youre a whore and you've always been." 

I continue running throwing anything and everything I can to stop him. But all my efforts are useless....He caught me. He hits me again and again.

"Being with other man, you don't think I saw you. You think that car accident was a mere coincidence" With every passing syllable he hits me, in what seemed like a never ending battle. My body starts to feel numb to the pain.

"Leaving me, your daughter behind. You don't care about shit. DON'T LIE TO ME!!"

 He flips me over pinning me to the counter. Blood pools over the counter I can't see straight anymore. This is why, I left, this is why I don't need you, but my daughter I need her. The only one, the only shine of light left. I might have fucked up by leaving her alone in the past,but I wish to be here for her now. And yet he...

"STOP!! You should just die!" I cry out. This man is nothing but shit.

"Enough with you crap, I'll show you." I hear the clink of him unfastening of his belt and his pants drop to the floor. He pushes me down harder to the table. I can't breathe.

"I'm the only one who can touch you. Only me....I love you"

He caught me.

I wake up and everything seems like that sort of a haze. I make my way into the kitchen to see my beautiful wife and daughter smiling at me. But the entire world crumbles as I step on the glass scattered across the kitchen. Quickly evaporating the fantasy. I knew there was no such thing as a perfect life. I find Hyun-Ju on the couch staring off into the distance just as always. The damn bitch has no sense of reality.

"Go make some breakfast." I nudge my he in the direction of the kitchen. She doesn't even acknowledge my presence.

"I'm going to stay"

"Then I'll leave"

 Why is it that every time she speaks to me she's so rude. They should host an obidence class for people, she give the hell.

"This is my home, I'll protect both you and Iye-"

"YOU HAVE SOME NERVE AFTER WHAT YOU DID!!!" She explodes taking a stand.

"I love you"

She scoffs "What kind of sick joke is this, are you insane"

"SHUT UP AND MAKE SOME BREAKFAST !!" This lady really know how to piss me off. She whores around, loses her own daughter, and now she thinks I'm the one who's lost it. I should be asking if this is a joke.

"Iye is-"

"Forget about it, she probably doesn't even remember who you are...some father!" 

"Then I'll make her remember, she's my daughter. What's wrong with you anyway!!"

Hyun-Ju scoffs in disbelief. "GET OUT YOU LUNATIC!!" She rushes past me going into a bedroom locking the door. Running, she's always running, they're always running, everyone's always running from me, why...

"What's wrong with loving my family?"

- I hope you guys enjoy Chapter 4 of Silent Malady -

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Woman.. Im enjoying this! just dont forget to post it on the gd community. but im loving it!!! -hugs- ♡♡