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due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Jackson Wang of Got7

You're woken after a 500 year sleep, by the blood of your long-lost love blood relative. When you come to the re-new world, you come to learn he even looks just like him. This time you refuse to lose him and do everything you can to keep him, as well as protect him, from the person that seperated you both 500 years ago.
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~(Roselyn POV)~

It wasn't hard catching up with the times. Everything is way more easier now, compared to my Era. The only sad part was that electronics have replaced pure and beautiful raw talents. So I started a cafe that had a more nostalgic feel to it. I had named it Old England, after my motherland. I even made sure the kitchen was the only modernized part of the cafe.

I opened the first one in Hong Kong, and it was a major success. So much so, that I was able to do a holiday give away event, before branching out. I began to open more cafes in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. It wasn't hard for me to travel thanks to my supernatural, vampire talents. Doesn't hurt that I was able to walk in the sun too.

I did my homework though on why I could walk in the sun unlike so many others. It seems to happen to those that were forced to become vampires. It also seem to have involved how they obtained their first kill. I didn't kill though, nor will I ever do so. Well, unless his name is Erikson Matthews.

I had even done my research on Jackson Wang, at least under my cafe's server, so it looked like a customer was a big fan of his. I don't know why, but I just couldn't bring myself to stop looking at him. He looked like Bo so much, that I just wanted to hug him tightly. He even acted like him too.

Sweet and kind to others, while being gentle and helpful. Took his craft seriously, but always had a way to have fun at the same time. It made me miss Bo even more just watching him. I felt something wet rolling down my cheek, and realized I was crying. I should really be happy he was able to go on without me, and be safe.

Yet I was jealous of the woman that took my place. A knock came at my door; I quickly cleaned my face, since vampire tears were actually blood. “Come in." One of my employees came into the office, and placed an envelope on my desk. "The mail carrier just came with this for you. I had to sign for it too, since it's from overseas." I looked down at the letter and saw the person that sent it was Erikson.


I jumped out of my seat fast, startling my employee. I was blessed my management employees were vampires, because my reaction would have gotten me in trouble for the use of my 'special' abilities.

Humans that weren't leaders weren't allow to know of our race. When they left office the council, members would erase their memories of any vampire existence. Unless of course they were one of us. "Is everything okay, Miss Raun?" I took a deep breath, before taking out my cell phone.

"Everything will be fine, my dear. You can go back to work. For now just tell everyone I'm not here."

She nodded before going back to work. Once she left, I immediately called Ren. Alison had already gone back to England after I got settled in. "Hello Mei, what's the matter?" I had Ren and anyone from China call me by my Chinese name that Bo had given me. Since it was hard for people at the time to say my English name in China.

"Its Erikson... He sent me what you call snail mail."

Ren was quiet, as someone appeared in my office in seconds. "You may open it, and please put m'lady on speaker phone." I clicked my tongue against my teeth as I put her on speaker phone. "My store is still open. Give me a heads up next time Ren. I would have had someone open the back door for him." She just giggled as I got a glare from the man that she sent.

"Sorry but I can't personally be there with you to read it with you. So for now, have him open it before you read it out loud." The man took the envelope off my desk, and opened it. It really was just a letter, nothing harmful or dangerous. He handed it back over to me, so I could read it. After placing the phone on the desk, I sat back down to read Erikson's letter.

'My Dear Roselyn,
Welcome back to the land of the living. I was beginning to think you really were dead. But then I saw your beloved alive once again, just this time as a celebrity. Oh I can't wait for you two to reunite again. Give me a reason to kill him for real this time around.
Or you could just make it easier on yourself finally, and come join me here in Europe. Be by my side where you belong. Don't worry, no human woman can compare to you. Why else would I have turned you? A beauty like you forever by my side, we could rule this world. I'll be seeing you soon my beloved fire...
- Erik'

I felt sick to my stomach as I read the letter aloud. "No he won't unless you leave Asia." I leaned back in my chair as I looked up at the man that was studying my reaction. "Tell me... Jackson. Does he ever leave Asia? You know, for work reasons." There was a moment of silence, after I had ask my question.


Ren cursed as I had a staring contest with the man. "Yes. Got7 is the group he's in. They normally travel Asia, but sometimes they do go to Europe or North America." Ren answered my question as I made silly faces at the guard.

She had me waiting in silence for way to long. No way I wasn't going to take a chance to mess with the man. He just shook his head at my behavior. "I'll contact Alison to help protect him in Europe, while you contact the others. I will do my part by avoiding him at all cost."

The man raised an eyebrow, seemingly I peaked his interest. "Agreed. He is a mortal. I will have guards watching over all of Got7 to be safe." It made me feel more comfortable, knowing Jackson was protected from Erikson.

I wasn't going to allow history to repeat again.

~(Jackson POV)~

"I bought us breakfast!"

We were all sitting in the practice room, munching on vending machine snacks. YoungJae came in from going out to find us some real food to eat. He joined our circle and lay out the most amazing spread of food I had ever seen. They looked American dishes, but you never know here in Korea. They could have a bit of Korean flare to it.

"And... here's your money back."

YoungJae handed us all back our share of the money we put together to get breakfast. We all looked at each other confused, while looking at the food. "I told you I could get us breakfast for under 30,000 Won ($30 USD)." I picked up the platter that had tomatoes, eggs, sausage, and french toast. I saw the store name on it, and looked up at YoungJae,

"What cafe is called Old England?"

YoungJae's eyes lit up when I asked him about the place he went to get our meals. "Old England is this new cafe that just open up a few blocks away. The owner open their first store up in China the month after our trip to see your parents. Apparently, the owner is from London, England, and decided to start her own business here in Asia."

Bam had already dug right into one of the meals, and was halfway finished. "Seriously, this is amazing." He said with a mouth full, as we all soon join in. Bam wasn't kidding; the food was bliss. JB punched YoungJae in the arm, getting his attention.

"Great move. When are they open and when do they close? Do they change in meal according to the time of day?"

YoungJae nodded his head, to answer one of JB's question. "They are open 24/7 actually which is freaking amazing. Their food is always fresh, and they do change the food on display and on the menu board according to the time of day." I choked on my drink and starting coughing when he said the cafe was open 24/7. It made me wonder how well business must be for them.

Mark patted my back, as they all seem surprised too. "They're super affordable, so lets go there for dinner tonight." We all cheered in agreement to YoungJae's suggestion, and started goofing off before getting down to business. The day was moving by faster than usual now since we made plans as a group. It was almost midnight by time we got to visit the cafe Old England.

We were the loudest people in the place, since it was so late. YoungJae brought us over to the menu as we talked about what we should be getting. Once we placed our order, we were instructed to take a seat anywhere we desired. It was nice being able to relax together without fans disturbing us or work separating us. I was about to take my seat, when the world's most beautiful woman appeared behind the counter.

She looked so unrealistically beautiful, that I couldn't help but stare at her. She had her long black hair tied up in a messy bun. Lovely lightly tan skin and chocolate diamond eyes. She seem to have noticed I was staring, because she stopped talking, and looked my way. Our eyes met, and I knew my soul was instantly sold to the devil himself.

The beauty looked horrified though to see me. It was as if she knew who I was, and wanted to run away. She broke eye contact to talk to the person beside her again. "Yo Jackson! You gonna sit down or what?" Mark ask me, snapping me out of it. I did take my seat, but I looked back at her again, and watched her every move.

Damn who was this woman?

Why couldn't I stop watching her?

Where was this desire to hold her coming from? be continue

= ^-^ = Hope you enjoy the chapter ..... See you next tuesday for Chapter four

*She will have 3 names... Chinese - Mei Raun| English - Roselyn Hope | Korean - Gu Ki Raun

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