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Not exactly in keeping with the 'psyambient' nature of the channel, but a beautiful, mysterious, sexy piece nonetheless. Ironically, a toss away B-track on on a doubledisk release (at least when I initially heard it), I had listened to this song 2-3 times before really hearing it. And when I did, I was like "Whoa...what the heck was THAT?". Reminds me a little of Rush's "La Villa Strangiato" (or Ravel's Bolero ~ again, because there's something sexy about the tune when it finally 'kicks in' at about 3:45).
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@balishag - Glad you liked bali...! Try Meat Your Chops by Yggdrasil too. Same type of song - kicks azz.
@Jayman ...Hey J. If you like Shpongle the you must try Entheogenic. I was looking for more Shpong and they were the closest (McKenna quotes and all. ;) ) Ground Luminosity is insane.
Thanks @cygnusx1. I am a fan of shpongle already so I assume I will like all your suggestions
this song is so unexpectly awesome
Hey J...give Ground Luminosity in my collection a try. If you like this (a mix of prog/classical with a touch of psychedelia) I can open up a whole new world. :) If u really liked PT, try Arriving Somewhere...But Not Here. I haven't posted that one yet...or Meat Your Chops. That one IS carded and what a jam it is...
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