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alright I've held onto this part for a few days I suppose its time to release it into the wild! lol
Before Eliza could go after her friend Suga grabbed ahold of her.

“Can we talk?” Suga asked.

“Hmmm, not right now” eliza said.

“I really need to-”

“She said no. Leave her be” Namjoon interjected.

“Thanks Joonie.  You guys have a good night I'm gonna take care of Belle” she said heading towards the direction Belle ran off to.

It took a second to see that Jimin was standing ahead of her at a closed door.”whatcha doing?” Eliza asked.

“Waiting for Belle to answer” he said.

“Hmm probably not gonna happen. Here come on in” she opened the door with the key card and they went in. Belle was in the bathroom, while Jimin went over by her Eliza went to change into Pajama’s.
“You occupied with Belle?” Eliza called out.
“He's holding my hair” belle sound loud enough to hear.
“Such a gentlemen. Okay you stay there I'm changing out here” she warned them so neither would just come out without announcing it.

Sighing she took her bra off than lifted her shirt and grabbed the oversized flower shirt, tried to, she couldn't find it in her bag. Instead what she found was regular clothes, a swim suit, and a bunch of négligés. They looked short and barely there.
“Bitch you played a joke on me didn't you!” Eliza calls out covering her boobs with one arm as she turned to glare in the general direction of the bathroom.

“Jimin stay the night” she her mumbles of belle talking.
“Thank you, Jiminie!” Belles raised voice was an indicator he was spending the night.
“Great, with the two beds either she'd be sharing with Belle or Jimin would share with Belle.
“We're coming out” Jimin called out.
Oh crap.
Quickly throwing on any shirt she grabbed the first one and put it in.
“Do you mind if I stay?” Jimin asked as he rounded the corner and stopped.
“I thought you changed into Pajamas” Jimin said. “You wear fluffy fleece with panda heads on them and a Giant panda head shirt. “
“Flower shirt and not tonight since they aren't here” she glared at belle who was leaning into me.
“I don't know what you're talking about “ belle's eyes darted around the room.
“Hitch!” She called her friend.
“I'm sleepy, Jimin come to bed” belle changed discussions.
“Uh sure” he said moving to the bed and setting her down. “I'm going to sleep now” belle said pulling Jimin down and making him curl up with her.
Sighing Eliza grabbed a long white shirt and soft yoga shorts to sleep in. When she got in the bathroom she looked in the mirror to see she had on a tight top that showed her nipples were hard.
“Oh my god” she covered her chest. Jimin saw that! Embarrassed she decided than and there that until she knew those two were asleep she was going to go wander the hotel for a bit.
She left her jeans on and put the other top on, loose enough it didn't hug her body and show what the other shirt did.
Sneaking out of the bathroom she grabbed a room key.
“You awake still?” She asked to hear the two of them talking.  They so were “I'm leaving for a bit I'll be back in an hour” she said running to the door and escaping.

Great she was sobered up now and had nothing to do, at least she grabbed her phone, no she didn't that was still in the room. With a sigh Eliza resigned herself to wandering the hotel for a bit.

Walking down the hallway depressed she wondered if they had a work out room, or pool that was still open.
“Eliza?” Someone said her name
Wiping her head around she looked down the hall but saw no one. Feeling crazy she started walking again.
“Eliza, where are you going?” Now she knew she was hearing things. It sounded like Namjoon. Shaking her head she went to move on.
“So that's it? Now that you know your going to ignore me” his voice sounded hurt. “I'm not ignoring you, I'm just not talking to the voices in my head anymore” she said solemnly.

“You never stop doing that” there was a chuckle. When something cold went down the back of her shirt Eliza flipped out. One , trying to get the ice out and two, he was standing right behind her.
“Namjoon!” Eliza exclaimed finally seeing him.  “What are you doing here?” She asked.
“If I'm not mistaken I'm here to receive an award” he said.
“Cocky bastard. I meant in the hallway” she said.
“Getting ice” he indicated the bucket he was holding. “What about you?” He asked.
“Roaming the halls like a ghost until Belle and Jimin fall asleep” she said with the questionable look on his face she sighed.
“I embarrassed myself in front of him and don't really want to see them right after” she said.
“How'd you embarrass yourself?” Namjoon questioned.
“Well I was changing into pajamas-”
“And he walked in on you?” He questioned darkly.
“No, well kind of. I threw on any shirt I could grab before he did. It just didn't cover much” she said.
“Really?” He sounded disbelieving.
With a sigh she lifted her shirt up to show the white shirt. Immediately he shielded his eyes.
“I'm a gentleman “ he muttered three times. Eliza rolled her eyes. Than realized her action and dropped her shirt.
“Sorry. Habits” she mumbled “I have a shirt on, it's just very thin” she said.
“I'll believe you on that. Is your shirt down?” He asked.
“Yes you can uncover your eyes Mr. Innocent” she rolled her eyes.
The stare he gave Eliza when he removed his hand had her really wishing to take that back.
“I'm anything but innocent” he said stepping forward.
“No sir you are not!” She squealed as he moves to press right up against her
“No no no sir no!” She said her voice taking on a high pitch voice.
He stepped back confused.
“No!” She slapped weakly, pathetically at him. “Joonie I'm not giving into you!” She said.
“What?” Namjoon couldn't understand what she was saying.
“You like me and I like you. “ she said.
“But I'm a moth that's in its cocoon don't bother me until I become a butterfly. Than you can all admire my beauty and try to mate with me” Eliza recited taking in the fact that she was in fact still tipsy.
“Uhm Eliza. Your not a moth or butterfly” Namjoon said.
“I'm not a butterfly?” She zoomed in on that than burst out crying.
“Shit!  That's the second time she's cried tonight” Jin appeared pushing Namjoon away from her. He pulled her into a hug and wrapped his arms around her as she cries into his chest.
“What did I do” namjoon was flabbergasted at what just happened.
“Emotional drunk don't you know that” Jin explained simply.
“She's still drunk?” He was confused.
“That bartender supplied her with a steady stream of cocktails all night” he reminded Namjoon.

“What's wrong sweetheart?” Jin asked when Eliza quieted down.
“He said I'm not a butterfly” she stated.
“Your a butterfly sweetheart” he assured her.
“No no I'm a moth in a cocoon when I'm a butterfly than you all can like me” she said. Jin couldn't help but chuckle.
“I can wait for that sweetheart I'll wait as long as I need to” he assured her.
“Thank you Jin” she hugged him. “The only sweet one here” she glared at namjoon.
“I can wait too” he said.
“No. You said earlier that you and everyone would give up” she pointed out.
“I was upset” he stated.
‘I just realized. Shouldn't yoongi be here? He's the one who confessed tonight” Jin pointed out making her grown.
“That he did” she agreed.

Meanwhile yoongi is sound asleep in his room dreaming about food and snacking on his pillow and kooki is questioning if he's dreaming of being a llama or a sheep.
and just so we got this. Jimin turned to panda team!!! yes!
okay tag list in comments!!!
no...no...no you get jiminie!!! This makes me a little sad to lose him but I still claim kookie and tae...I don't care if kookie has an panda.......anyways oh what to do next......hmmmmmm
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I'll help you both out and take the cute puppy with me.
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