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Quick before I start eomma ( @royalpandajedi ) I totally stole some of these from you. Thank you for the donation.
Now back to the task at hand this isn't a part of the Lyrical monday's that's separate but I just had to do this.

Quick One shot. (Your best friend Jay)

You and Jay knew each other back in Seattle and you were so heartbroken when his career in Korea hit a bad spot that prompted him into coming back home. However, you realized it was the best thing for him. He met Chase here and it seemed like it wasn't long before Jay was flying back out to Korea to get his career in motion again. As much as you hated to see him go, as hard as it was to come see him in concert, you knew your friendship would never break. You two had matching best friend necklaces, they were daggers that was very much your style. Both had rings around the dagger and one was light, the other was dark. You got the dark one for Jay and he got the light one for you. You've seen him a few times without it on and it was understandable but you wore yours all the time. When you saw he had it, it was in his pocket or in his car if he wasn't careful with taking pictures. You knew if he wasn't wearing it he always had it with him.
There was one time you got sick and while he was back in Seattle he found out. He was upset you never told him during your video chats, texts or phone calls. You two were supposed to tell each other everything but you thought it would be too hard to tell him that you were sick, especially when you didn't know if you'd make it. So before he left again for Korea he gave you a promise ring and you both swore on that ring no more secrets, complete honestly with each other.
For months it was like Jay spent everyday talking to you. If he wasn't staying up late with you he was checking in. He was video calling, he making sure that you were still there. The moment your condition got worse he said he'd be on a flight back to America, he'd stop everything he was doing and come back to you.
Once you got better he started sending you more pics of his crew. Not that he wasn't before but he took the time to show you the fun side of his life. One day you sent him a text freaking out.
You: Omgomgomgomg!
Jay butthead: What? Are you okay?
You: No! Who the Fuck is that hot guy in your Mommae video?
Jay butthead: .....Really?
You: Yes really tell me now!
Jay butthead: Duh it's me I'm the only hot guy you need.
You: You're such a dork.
Jay buttehead: But you love me.
You: It depends on the day. Anyway Jay be serious who is he?
Jay butthead: Y/n there were like three other guys in there besides me you have to be specific.
You: The only one rapping that wasn't you! The hot one.
Jay butthead:...... Oh shit you mean Ugly Duck? You: Yes! Him! I want him, send him to me. Like a little care package.
Jay butthead: You're a bit of a psycho you know that.
You: If you're just figuring that out now we can no longer be friends.
Jay butthead: You're so cruel to me. Fine instead of sending him to you I'll bring you to us because your best friend misses you too.
You: Really! Omg Jay I do love you.
Jay butthead: Oh I guess it's in the right day lol.
You: Shit, it is now.
Jay took you to a cool club after he flew you out to Seoul. The ride was awesome and you were so excited about coming you threw off your whole sleeping schedule. You suffered a little bit from the time difference but all in all you were ready to party. Now that you were healthy and with him again you two could really have fun. He danced with you and introduced you to his crew saving Ju Kyung for last. You were able to keep your cool around him but you were blushing all the way through.
"Hey, I never got a chance to tell you this but I'm so proud of how far you've come. You've done good for yourself." you told him.
He smiled and gave you a hug.
"It means the world to me you said that. You made me realize I can't give up. If it wasn't for you girly I wouldn't be here."
You smiled and when Ju Kyung looked over you pushed him away. He gave you puppy dog eyes. "What, I can't have him thinking I'm in love with you." you smiled.
He feigned offense and then grinned.
"I have a confession to make, I've been talking you up to him all night."
"Yeah I told him you're smart, funny and great in bed."
"Wahh!! How the fuck would you even know that Park Jaebeom!" you barked at him.
He started cracking up and you slapped his chest.
"You know he said the same thing. I was joking of course and he knows that but honestly with an ass like that, you have to be good."
"I will punch you in the face." you narrowed your eyes on him.
He smiled and guarded his face so you slapped him in the stomach. He laughed and led you over to talk to Ju Kyung on your own. Your relationship had always been like that. He was your wing man and you were his wing woman. You two had each others back. Ride or die for life. After getting Ju Kyung's number that night and having to go back home a week later, you gave Jay a present
He got one bear, while you took one home with you on the plane. He kept the white one and you kept the brown one.
"When I come back, we're going to switch bears and you've got to write one message in it to send me back home with." You said.
He agreed and then made you give him your bear. He took a piece of paper and slipped it inside the bears back and made you promise not to read it until you were on the plane. When you got on the plane, you quickly looked at the note:
"The day we became friends was one of the best days of my life because I met my partner in crime. My Ride or die. P.s If Ju Kyung gives you any problems I may need you to hide a body for me."
You laughed and put the note back in the bear. You smiled and thought about how much you two thought a like because your note to him said.
"Two of the greatest days in my life was the day I was born and the day I met you. My ride or die best friend."
Very Corny I know but I thought a nice little fluff oneshot would be nice to start off my Jay week cards. Believe it or not I admire that heathen he would be my best friend (With benefits )
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I noticed you little ttal thief xD
Lmfao xD :)
@BabydollBre that was awesome. Not corny... but awesome... That's the kind of ride or die I need!! πŸ˜€ I want a guy best friend!!
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@BabydollBre You're welcome! that's why you're bestie! haha we tell each ither the truth. I need that in my life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ’œπŸ’œ
This was actually cool and cute!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!