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Well, it was nice knowing y'all.

I'm just barely recovering from VIXX and now this wave comes to push my right back down. Fantastic.

An insider source at Big Hit confirmed that BTS is currently preparing for a new album with the concept tentatively being ~*love yourself*~

They also plan to make separate drama-like videos for each member that will tell a vivid story.

Just BTS being extra as usual. Can't wait!

When are these boys going to get a break??? It's comeback after comeback after comeback.... I hope they're getting chances to sleep and rebuild.
i am not ready wkebenkwbabavwbw this is uncalled for!!!
I want to go to a bts concert one day...the only Kpop concert I ever went to was SHInee <3
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@CleoHoney It really is a lot of planning! I flew my two sister's and I to NJ to see BigBang and it was tiring. I would, however, do it again!! I'm hoping to catch the next nearest concert to me. Unfortunately, that's Chicago so I still have a 3 1/2 hr drive. Better than nothing though!! Anyone else you wanna see? I wish I could have seen 4minute. 😟
I'm trying so hard not to scream
I'm holding my funeral services the day of their comeback(rip fangirl me)
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