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Hello I'm bringing to you the non-title tracks from Monsta X's latest album!! This album is a repackaged album so a lot of the songs are from their previous album! But still nonetheless I hope you enjoy this card! :

01: Shine Forever

(It is the Title Track so I won't be including it in this card!)

02: Gravity

03: Ready Or Not

04: Beautiful

05: Incomparable

06: Need U

07: Oi

08: Miss You

09: Calm Down

10: All I Do

11: Last Page

12: I'll Be There

-Which is your favorite track off the Shine Forever album? -

i have enjoyed all their songs! i love them all from this album
Same!!! And I freaking love Shine Forever so much!
i love calm down miss u and incomparable
They are all such jams!!!!
Need u is a good song
I love all of them so much! Oi and Ready or Not especially. But I mean those are off the last album.