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Hey guys!!

For this week's AMS Highlight I chose the handsome Canadian actor, Osric Chau. Some of you may recognize him as the prophet Kevin Tran from Supernatural - that's where I fell in love with him! ♡ :)

Basic Info

Name: Osric Chau
Birthday: July 20, 1986
Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Height: 5'8"
Nationality: His father is from Hong Kong and his mother is from Malaysia
Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Where you've seen him


• 2002: Cold Squad, Vic Dnang
• 2009: The Troop, Hector, Episode: "Forest Gump"
• 2012: Mister French Taste, Leon, 7 episodes, writer for 1 other
• 2012: Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, J.J.
• 2012–16: Supernatural, Kevin Tran Recurring role, 16 episodes
• 2014: The 100, Red Eyed Boy, Episode: "I Am Become Death"
• 2015: Beyond Redemption, Rickson
• 2015: Blood and Water, Charlie Xie
• 2016: Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders , Gul
• 2016: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Vogel (member of the Rowdy 3) Regular; Recurring (season 1)


• 2007: Dragon Boys, Teen, TV movie
• 2008: Kung Fu Killer, Lang Han, TV movie
• 2009: 2012, Nima
• 2010: What Women Want (我知女人心), Chen Er Dong
• 2011: Best Player, Ash's buddy, TV movie
• 2012: Fun Size, Peng
• 2012: The Man With The Iron Fists, Blacksmith's assistant
• 2014: The Akira Project, Kaneda Shotaro
• 2016: The Matchbreaker, Sam, Independent film


• 2009: The Tea Master, Stunts , Short film
• 2012: Must Come Down Fight, choreographer and executive producer, Short film
• 2015: Supernatural Parody ,Sam Winchester, Parody by the Hillywood Show
• 2016: Sherlock Parody, Jim Moriarty, Parody by the Hillywood Show

Fun Tidbit

Osric initially trained to be a stuntman

Love this guy!!

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he is the coolest guy to follow on Twitter
7 months ago·Reply
I got my pictuee taken with him at Phoenix comic con that's where the first picture is from
7 months ago·Reply
7 months ago
I'm trying to think of what episode from Supernatural he's on now that you mentioned it. I feel like I just watched an episode with his in it but I can't remember
6 months ago·Reply
He plays the prophet Kevin Tran, so he had a reoccurring role starting from I believe season 7. I think he was in just over a dozen or so episodes - definitely not enough in my opinion!
6 months ago