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Sexyy yup yup Sexyy MY Eunhyuk OPPA <3 <3 <3 ;)
omgeee I can't blv my eyes oppa u 2 lol i wasn't expecting dis from u haha i love uuuu <3 <3 @divalycious unnie u must c dis sexy eunhyuk oppa he is my bias in suju lol i love him ;) <3 my eunhyuk OPPA u did iT I am happy u made my day my oppa saranghhae i missed u shoo muchh oppa saranghhae <3 ur sexy movies r killing
@saharhyunjoong love the 3rd pic ... the look SiWon is giving him ... priceless ... :D
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@divalycious lol yeah i knw i love dat gif 2 oppa sexy moves r really haha ;)
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