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According to South Korean newspapers, the North Korean government PUBLICLY EXECUTED 80 people in 7 cities for watching South Korean/Western shows, movies, and videos, “pornography,” or possessing a Bible. Apparently people’s attitudes and conformance are changing SO THIS IS HOW THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO SUPPRESS DISOBEDIENCE They allegedly herded 10,000 innocent civilians into a stadium where they were FORCED TO WATCH THE EXECUTIONS BY MACHINE GUN FIRE THIS IS HONESTLY SOME HUNGER GAMES SHIT HAPPENING IN REAL LIFE RIGHT NOW some of the more reputable sources: x, x Dis is soooo terrible and sad i can't vlv dis is still happening can't we do something this is is really messed up not right i wanna help those ppl dis is not suppose 2 happen god plzzzz help themmm credit 2 divahoney @tumblr
yeah i saw this, really troubling stuff
i knw its terrible i saw it in tumblr and i cdnt stop myself from sharing and the worst part thr is nothing we can do i just cant blv this is stil happening ppl still are treated dis way its just really terrible and messed uppp :-(
i just cant believe it !!!!
horrible horrible place...
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