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Hello Boice, it is CNBlue Tuesday! I will bring you my story on how I got into CNBlue. I got into them while watching k-dramas. I was watching "You're Beautiful", and fell in love the second lead. I felt bad for him in the drama.
So after faling in love with the second lead, I had to find out who it was. I googled him and found that he was in band called CNBlue. I watched there videos on youtube and bought almost every album they had. Yes actual albums, not digital. And made my kids little to them everyday. Lol, but they fell in love with them too. My son reallys loves the song Love Girl.

Then I had the opportunity to see them at KCON, so my daughter and her friend and I went to KCON to see them. When I got the high touch for them, I was excited, to be able to be face to face with them was awesome.

This was a such a great experience for me. And every since, I have been a Boice! Well I hope you enjoyed my story. See you next time.

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I love CN Blue, and I have a handful of their cds. I think I now every member's signature on a cd.
That is amazing.
Wow! That's amazing story
Thank you! It was a great experience.
That's really cool that you got to see them at Kcon. What's a high-touch?
It is where you get to get close to them and be able to touch them. And get great pictures. They will slap your hand as they go by.