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GOT7 and TWICE fans were a little confused by a recent photo of Bambam and Mina, laying close together with cute filter faces.

No one could tell if it was one of those photoshopped images trying to make them seem like a couple, or if it was real.

Welp, JYP confirmed and said “This photo was simply taken by two friends of the same company.” They also gave warning to those spreading false rumors, “Should anyone dishonor our artists’ names, we will take serious action.”

Think of how many guy friends you have that are just friends. Personally, I had more guy friends in high school than girl friends, so I can 100% believe JYP's explanation. Idols, especailly in the same company, practically live together and see each other all the time. It's great that they're friends.

And if they're more than friends, right on too! Live your lives y'all!

* fun fact, Bambam once dated a Japanese girl predebut and said “I dated a Japanese person before debut, so I learned some Japanese… She lived in Osaka. Japanese girls don’t play hard to get. It feels like the girls lead the boys.” LOL
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I'd ship them if they dated
7 months ago·Reply
we all have that one friend
7 months ago·Reply
I had more male friends as well, most of them turned gay or transsexual so the people who spread the rumors that I was sleeping with them all, quickly faded into nothingness. Which is funny to see happen
7 months ago·Reply
i mean...they look cute af in the pic.
7 months ago·Reply
I love how jyp stands up for them like that instead of having them apologize for doing absolutely nothing wrong because some people want to be butthurt.
7 months ago·Reply