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Welcome to 19th century Tinder: Your local newspaper.

In 1865, and young man is looking for a wife, and he has some pretty great things to offer. Farmland, livestock, and patriotism. What a guy!

Here's the ad:

"I want to buy bread-and-butter, hoop-skirts, and waterfalls..."

Okay, where do I sign?

Awwww! He sounds terrific! I'd marry him in a minute. I wonder if he married? Was she younger than him? Richer? Vain and self obsorbed? Or good natured and quiet. What where her hobbies? Or...plot twist: He's really a horrid man with bad manners and the whole thing was a lie. That's not even him in the picture! He might have been a murder or cannibal! Now I must know! Someone, please write a book about this, or at least let me know how it all turned out.
we need more guys like this these days. hoop-skirts are cute af
As you said, where do I sign? Now-a-days, most men cant afford a cow, let alone buy an acre of land. He had it all! Also, he was cute asf!
I wonder what he put in his hair to keep it like that...