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Eun-Yeong needed an escape. She wanted to go somewhere. A place no one knew her name. Quickly opening her laptop she searched for the hottest clubs. The search bar brought up ones close to her but Eun-Yeong didn't want those at all. She widen her search and found a new club that had just opened in the next town over. About a twenty minute car ride from here. It was late already so Hakyeon was either asleep or working. Ken usually passed out doing whatever paper work Hakyeon shoved off onto him. She knew the guards routines so sneaking wouldn't be an issue. Now she just needed a dress and some make up.

Perhaps a shower wouldn't hurt. 

Eun-Yeong quickly showered. One of the few perks of being a half was, she never had to shave her legs. After her shower Eun-Yeong left her hair to dry naturally. It always turned out better that way. It took about forty-five minutes to do her make up. Looking in the mirror she looked killer. She scanned her walk in closet for a dress she secretly bought. A light blue baby doll dress. The heart style top came to a nice point making her waist looking smaller than it was. The back of the dress was a simple criss-cross action. The dress was short so she would have to be careful about not bending over.
Eun-Yeong called for a Taxi after doing a final look over. Her hair was behaving leaving it in nice waves, her make-up perfect. This time she went a little bit thicker with the eyeliner and it actually looked good. She remained barefoot as she snuck out. Purse in one hand and shoes in the other. 
The cold night air made her shiver as the pitter patter of her feet could be heard. No longer had the Taxi arrived than Eun-Yeong did. She gave the man the address while slipping her shoes on. The car ride was silent. Eun-Yeong could feel her anticipation growing. Part of her wanted to back out but the other part wanted to rebel. Rebellion won out. There was no turning back now. 
Okay maybe there was. She was still in the taxi. All she had to do was tell him to turn around. Simple as that. She wanted to. Really she did but, each time she opened her mouth to speak nothing came out. Gah she was such a coward sometimes. She hadn't realized they had arrived until the driver all but growled at her. She quickly paid and got out. 


Was in bright neon colors. Oh gawd. Why did she pick  a club with such a corny name?!? She could already hear the muffled music and feel the vibration as she got closer. She put on a front of confidence as she gave the bouncer a 'innocent' flirtatious smile. He winked and moved to let her in. Once inside she let out a breath of air she had been holding.

The music was even louder. Eun-Yeong welcomed it. She couldn't hear herself think. It was exactly what she wanted. A distraction from everything. The entry way was dark but inside it was  a combination of dark and bright colors. Everything seemed to pop. A mosh pit was going on the dance floor until someone tripped over their feet. Soon the others followed along with them. It was hilarious and kind of stupid and hot when a fight broke out between them. Bouncers where quick to break it up. 
Everyone had gone back to their drinks and the music flowed once more. The music was slightly annoying. A pair of eyes followed Eun-Yeong as she descended the steps onto the main floor. She weaved her way in and out of people before deciding on a spot. Somewhere in the middle she just began to dance. The song was really catchy. 'Bomb' She hadn't heard it before. Catchy. 
Eun-Yeong wasn't a good dance, or at least that's what she had been told. It wasn't long before she was joined by a partner. She wasn't used to the attention so things became awkward. Feeling uncomfortable Eun-Yeong tried to back away only to bump into a solid chest. Surprised she jumped and whipped around. The mans smile had her feeling creeped out. The men moved closer so they where both rubbing up against her. They chuckled at the girls attempt to push them away. 
Suddenly Eun-Yeong was free. The men on the ground in pain. It all happened so quick that she didn't see what happened. Two men stood there glaring at the groveling men. The music had stopped and everyone was quietly talking about the scene. 
"Miss Eun-Yeong?" the one who looked like he was chiseled out of stone spoke. His voice was deep and gaze cold. Eun-Yeong just nodded. 
"Come with us." His tone held no room for argument. Not knowing what to do Eun-Yeong decided to follow. As soon as they began to walk away the music played and everyone resumed dancing. The other man stayed beside her guiding her along so as not to get lost in the crowd. 
The first one opened a door and waited. With a light shove Eun-Yeong stumbled inside. Thankfully she didn't hurt herself. She tried to move and only then realized why she hadn't hurt her ankle. Strong arms where around her waist holding her close. The solid chest to her back she could feel his warm breath on her ear. It caused a shiver to go down her spine. She wasn't sure if it was fear or lust. Perhaps both. 
"Careful kitten." The amused deep voice spoke right beside her ear. "Wouldn't want Jung's daughter getting hurt now would we?" 
"You know my father?" She asked curiously. 
"Everyone knows his name  kitten." The man helped her steady himself before letting go. Eun-Yeong couldn't understand why she hated being away from this man. His touch was so warm and for once she wasn't cold. 
"It depends what side your on that his name strikes fear or admiration or both." 
"Side?" Eun-Yeong questioned feeling the cold creep back into her bones. "What does side have to do with anything?"  As she questioned him she began to check him out. His blue tux jacket and dress pants matched her dress. His red hair was slicked back but underneath the suit jacket is what really caught her attention. It was clear even to her that this man had a nice body. 
"So daddy dearest really did keep things hidden from you." he sighed. 
"Who are you?" Eun-Yeong questioned. The man paused showing genuine surprise before masking his features. 
"You can call me Ravi. This is my club and turf." 
"Okay I get the club part." Eun-Yeong voice her thoughts. "I don't get the turf thing." 
"Oh kitten, it would be fun to play with you." Ravi grinned. Eun-Yeong felt herself blush at his hungry look and the subtle way he licked his lips. 
"Consider the turf as my land. This is my property. Technically your family isn't allowed on it." 
Offended Eun-Yeong crossed her arms. "What's wrong with my family?!" She demanded. 
Ravi chuckled as picked up a drink from the table. Only now did Eun-Yeong noticed his view. He could see everything going on from the room. It was nothing fancy but had a nice warm feel to it. 
"Your father and I are not on the best of terms. He's wants this land. Does that help you understand it better kitten?" Ravi asked with a smile. Eun-Yeong felt like she was being mocked. She frowned and hugged her arms closer. Why was she so cold?! Ravi noticed her shivering and removed his jacket. 
"Here." He placed the jacket over her shoulders. Instantly Eun-Yeong felt the warm and woody musk scent filling her nostrils. It could easily be addicting. She shook her heads hugging the jacket closer. Eun-Yeong blushed when she realized she had been staring at Ravi's bare chest. Ravi smirked and raised a brow. 
"Enjoying the view Kitten?" He asked amused. "Would you like to touch?" 
"I-,um, ye-NO!" Eun-Yeong shook her head. "Haven't you ever heard of this thing called a shirt?!" She looked away with a scoff. 
"I prefer it this way. Now Kitten. Here's what's going to happen." He crossed his arms. Eun-Yeong fought with everything she had not to stare at his arms, or chest. 
"I'm going to escort you home. Deliver you safe and sound. However, you must never return. I'll give you three warnings. Consider this my first warning." 
"What happens on the third?" Eun-Yeong asked curious. Ravi smirked and walked slowly towards her. Eun-Yeong felt nervous as she began to slowly back up. She suddenly felt like prey. Eun-Yeong let out a quiet shriek when her legs hit something soft causing her to fall. She fell onto the soft leather couch. Ravi smirked leaning down. The closer he was the further Eun-Yeong leaned back until her back hit the couch. Ravi placed one hand beside her head and the other gently on her chin.
"The third time Kitten." Ravi spoke low. "Your mine. I won't let you go." 
The promise in his eyes had Eun-Yeong letting out a whimper. She both feared that and wanted it to happen. Ravi chuckled and placed his cheek beside her quietly speaking into her ear. 
"I think I'll take my time with you kitten." 
Before Eun-Yeong had a chance to respond a knock sounded on the door. 
"Enter." Ravi spoke standing and looking completely unaffected. Eun-Yeong on the other hand wasn't as lucky. Her breathing was shorter and her eyes where the size of saucers. Ravi's touch left burn marks. Not something that anyone could see. End-Yeong couldn't deny the attraction she had to this man. 
"The car is ready." 
"Good." Ravi turned holding out a hand for Eun-Yeong. "Ready to go home kitten?" 
In a daze Eun-Yeong nodded and and placed her hand gently in his. Ravi's grip was firm as he pulled her up causing her to stumble into his cheek. She shrieked and pulled away blushing like a tomato. Ravi laughed while 'apologizing.' 
"Come. Your father must be anxious to have you back." 
Eun-Yeong didn't say anything. Her father wouldn't be there. No it would be Uncle Hakyeon. She was not looking forward to the lecture she would receive upon arriving home. Hakyeon was notorious for them. 
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