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i have a lot to say about this episode.. 1. it's really hard to choose between the love of your life and someone just as important as your dying father and the company.. i know that he felt like dying and although he would rather choose the girl over his father and the company, he has no power to so.. in letting go of the one he loves, he saved his father and the company. 2. knowing HJE's character, we expected as much... that she would sacrifice their love over the well being of ji sung's... she's trying to convince herself that it was the right thing to do... 3. their son, san's is alive!! @dana... you were right sis!! lol... now we all know that the mother had something to do with it although i don't know if the father and do hoon knew about it too.. 4. SY really needs a psychiatrist... her love for ji sung is destroying her.. 5. do hoon should also go with SY.. they both need it... i didn't know why and how do hoon became this greedy... i bet one of the two become crazy!! lol anyways, this episode was really amazing, as always, ji sung was magnificent... we can see the love, hurt, frustrations, anger and submission in his eyes.. it's the last episode tonight!! yay!! sad but happy.. we have revelation revealed about their son san... but what comes next? EPIC DRAMA!! secret fighting!!
hhhhhhhh yep .....
@MasriDaniela @nylamrehs hahahaha the kiss was amazing
so sweet ...
@nylamrehs sis she kisses him like a craze .......yaaaaaa i was screaming stoooppppp .......he got revenge at his wife ....bcz the kisses from ...I can here your voice .....hahahaha .....
hahaha... true.. it was a sweet last scene...
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