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After selling the company in 2005 for $580 million, Tom did what most of us would do too:

He packed his bags and has been traveling and living life to the fullest ever since!

He found his passion for photographer back in 2011 and has dedicated his life to the art!

Follow him on instagram here!

What would you do with $580 million?!

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my profile is still on there. I haven't logged in since 2003...? maybe? I don't really remember, might be 2007. My daughter got on there recently, she logged into her old account. I asked her to look up mine, to see if it's still on there and it was! lol
I'd build a mansion with a massive cobblestone basement
totally forgot about myspace Tom but man is he good with the camera! I'm glad I found this
I used to be friends with him, yet he never took me traveling.
Maybe he was afraid of dying and leaving you stranded on an island to become someone else, something else