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BamBam Moms Stans JB
well...hmm lots of moms stans JB.. He is my wrecker!! l
That is so cooI, I wonder how she treats him when they are in Thailand..
Well yeah I have him on my phone too and he is just my werker..but I just love him.. I alternate between him and

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She has good tastes.
5 months ago·Reply
JB probably rubs it in when they go visit lol
5 months ago·Reply
Me. too @TaraJenner.
5 months ago·Reply
jb gave her a rose at there concert in tai.
5 months ago·Reply
@nunikal7 aaaww thats so sweet..❤
5 months ago·Reply
right cuteness overload 😭💕💕
5 months ago