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I feel like my stomach is ready to brake apart. Im hungry, but barely any food can stay in my stomach. Acid is just burning my throat, leaving a foul taste. As I flush the toilet, My girls was there just looking worried.

"Mom your ok? "
"Yes sweetie, mommy is just sick. A stomach bug is being annoying"
"ewww.. bugs!!"

The girls giggle as I smile at them. It brakes my heart to lie to my girls about what's really going on. I cant brake the news, it will kill me. My phone begins to ring and my daughter picks up the call.

"Hello..... Uncle Ri!!.... Ya mommy is here, but she sick. She has a bug in her stomach ew. Ok Uncle Ri. "

"Hi Ri" I grabbed the phone.
"Hey, it's ok if i can come over?"
"Ofcourse. I dont mind. Company would be nice"
"You want food? The girls told me you got a bug."
"Kimchi Soup sounds good"
"You got it. I will be there in a couple minutes"

I hang up and told the girls that Uncle Ri was coming. Seeing them jump in joy is just priceless. I went to my room and began looking for my medicine for my stomach. The bottle falls to the ground and under the bed.

I kneel down to grab the bottle. As I look under the bed I saw a small box next to the bottle. I grab the bottle but also grabbed the box. I left the box in front of the bed. *I never saw this box before? * I took a pill and just stare at the box. For some reason, my memory is not coming together.

The door bell rang and I just began to walk out of my room, but I kept looking at the box. I turn off the light and close the door. *I wonder... * I open the door and Seungri was there with food in his hands.

"Girls!! Uncle Ri is here!"

The girls just began running towards Seungri. I quickly grabbed the food before the girls gets to him and knocks him down like a falling tower. Their giggles and laughter filled the house. It was just beautiful. I began to prepare the food and as always he tends to bring extra food, especially for the girls.

I sat down and place the soup in front of me, but for some reason, my stomach. Im trying to act natural like nothing is happening, so Seungri wont notice at all. Seungri sats down across of me and gave me a warm smile.

"Go ahead and eat"
"Thank you for the food"

I inhale in and then out. I began to eat but slowly.

"I met with Jiyong last night. "

I froze by hearing his name and my heart began to sank. I collected myself and began to eat again.

"What happened?" I said as I look down on my food.
"Well I told him to look for the girls and how the girls miss him and shit. "
"Ri, did you told him.. "

He stood quiet and I look at him. My heart began to race. *Seungri please tell me you didnt.. *

"I told him"

I closed my eyes and my heart just dropped. I dropped the spoon and just place my hands on my face.

"What the fuck Seungri! I didn't wanted him to know shit man"
"Jos, he just had to know. It was a way for him to brake away from his dreamland to reality. "
"Damnn it! "

I slammed my hand on the table which made Seungri jump.

"Jesus Jos. Calm down. I dont get why you wont tell him"
"Because he never fucking cared. He never cared about us. Never a fucking phone call or a damn text. I tried calling him and never, never ever picked up the phone or called me back. The last text was him telling me to leave him alone or drop dead. Thats the kind of mother fucking brother you have. It why I didnt want him to know or even have him around.. because.... because"

I put my head down and a tear creeped out.

"...because all he does is hurt me and im afraid of him. I cant talk to him no more because when we do, it ends painfully."

Seungri hugs me. I wasn't expecting it but it felt warm. All of a sudden, my chest began to get tight. I started coughing and as I coughed, blood escaped from my mouth. My stomach began to cramp and I quickly crouch but Seungri holds on to me.

"Jos, whats wrong?!"

I couldnt think and I couldnt breath. I felt like my insides are just ripping apart. I looked at Seungri and all he can do is hold on to me. Everything just began to blurr and go dark.

{{Seungri POV}}

She falls into my arms. Im trying to ask her if she is ok. She couldn't answer and she just collapsed on me.

"Jos! Jos!! Joseline"

Im shaking her but nothing. I quickly grabbed my phone and began to dial 119. They told me that their on the way, they got signaled by a heart monitor inside her heart. I was clueless and as I parted her shirt on the side , I saw a scar.

The ambulance came and they told me which hospital they would be. I quickly called her mom to watch the girls as I keep an eye on Jos. As I went to drop of the girls, they was sad and quiet.

"Whats the matter girls? "
"Whats wrong with mommy, uncle Ri? "
"Mommy is very sick. She just needs to get better. So don't be sad"
"We want daddy, uncle Ri"
"I know, he will be coming home soon"

Joseline's mother came towards me as she sent the girls inside the house.

"Seungri sweety, how is she? "
"I dont know, but im going to find out. Everything will be ok"
"Im sorry Seungri, but this is your brothers fault. He hurts her all the time. Why can he be generous and there for her? "
"I understand. Dont worry i will make sure he will pay and fix this. "
"Please Seungri. Those girls needs thier dad. I wish he can be with Jos too, but he is just to harsh to her"

I hugged her and I gave her my word to try to fix this, but one problem. How the fuck am I going to fix this. *Damn it Seungri*

As I head to the hospital, I ran towards the doctor. I began to talk to the doctor and my heart just began to sank. Her kidneys are failing and her body system is just to weak. She is barely eating, immune system is low, barely any blood in her system and her heart is weak and high risk of heart attack. Shit.

I walked towards the receptionist and told them to put Jos in a VIP room. Once they moved her into the VIP room, I stand next to her. She had two machines hook to her and just seeing her in fluids and needled, I couldnt watch anymore.

"Jiyong.. you need to come to the hospital"
"Your good? "
"Its Joseline. This is serious. Come quickly"

I hang up the phone call and hope to God that he would come. I sat down next to her and just wait for he to wake up. As time went by a knock on the door appeared.

"Come in... you got to be fucking kidding me"

Jiyong enters but brings his bitch. This asshole has no respect at all. I looked at him serious.

"Why you brought her here? "
"What's wrong with it. She is my girl. "
"Girl my ass. She needs to go"
"Hey, i came because you asked and she was with me"
"You couldnt leave her in the car. This is about Jos. "
"That's great, so she alive still? "

This mother fucker. I went close to him and that's when i smelled the alcohol out of him.

"Your drunk? You come here drunk! Yah! you really dont have no fucking shame right. "
"Shut the fuck up Ri, I aint your military boys"

This punk. He is different when he is drunk. I look at the girl and I told her to leave. Then Jiyong began to raise his voice at me telling me that I have no right.


Out of nowhere Jos yelled with full anger. I turned around but her back is towards us and her hands covering her ears. The nurses came and told us to leave.

"Well that was a waste of my time. Shit man, you brought me all the here for nothing"
"Jiyong we need to talk. "

I grabbed him by the collar and began to pull him. His girl began to follow us, I quickly turned around.

"You fucking stay here" I told her as I pointed a finger at her face.

I pulled Jiyong towards to an empty room. Then slammed him to the wall. I was angry and furious. This man has no manners.

"What the hell is your problem?!"
"I got no problem, you made me come over here. To see a woman dying, a woman who I dont even care."
"How can you say that about her. She is the mother of your children"
"That's true, but she aint shit to me"
"Ok.. then forget about your girls because I will take full custody and away from you."

Now he is angry. Good!

{{Jiyong POV}}

He disrespect my girl and telling me that he is taking my girls away. No fucking way.

"You got no right!"
"Joseline those, and she told me that she is giving me the girls if anything happens to her."
"She wouldn't even dare because I will.. "
"You will what! Hurt her? "

I sighed and just kept my mouth closed. I wouldn't do that to her but I have done it before.

"You was never there. She needs a kidney and she is dying. Her heart is already at the peak of death. Does that even bother you? "

Yes. It does bother me.

"Nope.. not at all" I responded, hidding myself.

Seungri looks at me dead. He held a fist but then quickly puts it down.

"You will suffer Jiyong. You will. It will soon hit you and you will regret this. So you better get your shit together. "

Seungri walks out of the room and I quickly collapsed to the floor. *Joseline dont do this, dont take my girls away from me* I look at the floor and just what the hell did I do. What the fuck is wrong with me. I cant even explain to myself of why I did and why I said all this shit.

I stand up and collected myself. I left the room and went to find my girl. I told her to wait for me at the car. Then went towards Joseline's room. I look at the doorknob and my hand on it. I breath in and out.

I open the door and there she is laying down facing towards the wall and her back to me. I closed the door and walked towards her.

"Joseline... I.. um"

Shit, I cant even fucking talk. Well I dont know what to say. Its true what Seungri said. I havent done shit and all I done was brake her.

"um.. Jos. Your doing ok? "

Nothing. She didnt said nothing. Is she asleep? I sighed and just catch my breath.

"Jos, you know Ive been thinking alot ever since what Ri told me about you. um.. I know you hate me.. um.. yeah. just call me when your ready. i guess.. "

As i turned around and went to the door, a voice which i missed so much began to sound but the words killed me.

"I dont hate you , Im afraid of you"

Her words made my heart drop. Did I made her become afraid of me? I hate myself.

"Im sorry Jos"

Those was the only words I can say to her. I left the room and just went to the men's room. I quickly splashed water on my face and just began to recollect myself. As I look at the mirror, I hate the reflection.

*Your a monster Jiyong. A monster*
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