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Who else is attending!?
Day 01 -
will be cosplaying Bakugo Katsuki from My Hero Academia
Day 02 - Archer from Fate/Stay Night
Day 03 - Roronoa Zoro from One Piece - (maybe? Since
really digging my white hair right now, it may or may not happen lol.) I'll probably end up dressing as Kacchan again.
Let me know if
we can meet and take some photos!
HELL YEAH I'm going! all 4 days!🔥🔥I'm excited
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Lol nice! And no worries, I totally get cha. Honestly I've been wanting to do a gender bend one for ages, but I'm not sure who 😅
I always wanted to go to one, but never had someone to go with. I live in Oregon. the one I want to go is in Washington. here in Oregon nobody really dress up. And it's sometimes small and not big with a crowd.
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@Luna7 the dances are really interesting too xD
where is it at?
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@SimplyAwkward woah that is quite the distance. Isn't there an expo in dallas or something?