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Chapter 13

Areum's POV

" I will," I said, pushing my chair back as I stood trying to avoid JB's glare, "I'll be his partner." The teacher agreed and I begin to pack my things so I can move to the empty seat beside my new partner. Before I make one step away JB's hand is around my wrist. 

I'll make his life a living Hell... 

I shake off his hand as those words ring through my head. I quickly make my way over to my new seat and sit down. I feel an arm drape itself over my shoulder. I turn towards my new partner and remove his arm. 

"Awe Sweets, don't be like that. Remember you chose to be my partner." 

"It's not like I had a choice Jimin, now did I?"

*12 hours ago* (10 pm the previous day)



"There is no way I fell for the Mr. Not-So Nice Guy ... JB..." 

"Gah-," I said as I fell face first on my bed, "Why him?" I asked into my pillow.

I jump out of my bed when I hear a pounding on the front door. Who is here at this hour? I think to myself. I put on my house slippers and head downstairs to the door.

You know that moment in life where you have the choice to open a new door when another one closes? I should have left the door closed...

I peek outside the peep hole of the door and don't see anyone. Curiosity has taken the best of me now as I open the door and peek outside. There is no one there... there is on the other hand a note tapped to the outside of my door with my name on it. I take the note from the door and begin to read it. Opening the door was my first mistake... but opening the note was my second mistake. 

You can try to hide from me again... but it's no use.

I saw you with JB again today... stay away from him... 

I dropped the note at my feet and looked up at the figure that was now in front of me. His hood hid his face for the most part but his eyes were visible. I had shivers running up and down my spine and every bone in my body was telling me to run back inside and lock the door. I moved towards the door... but not fast enough. The figure managed to close the door behind me and push me against it. His hand was over my mouth, while his other arm kept me firmly in place against the door. 

"Awe sweets, I'm almost sad you don't recognize me. I mean I just saw you earlier today, not to mention the day before." My eyes grew wide, that voice.. those eyes. I know who they belonged to, I know who had been following me. Jimin...

Jimin let out a small chuckle as he took another step closer to me. He was right against me now and I could feel his breathe against my cheek as he talked.

"Nari wanted me to give you a message," he said into my ear.

"It's your choice, either remove yourself from JB's life... or Nari will make JB's life a living hell and make sure you face the consequences." 

The pain of the door handle digging into my back worsened as Jimin leaned in more. I felt tears threatening to spill from my eyes. I had never felt more helpless in my life than I did right then.

"Tomorrow I'm moving into your class, Nari wants you to become my new partner and sit by me. That the first thing you can do to remove yourself from JB's life." Jimin's face takes a dark twist as he pushes my back further into the door handle. The sharp pain makes my knees go weak and the tears I had been holding in were now falling down my face.

"Do you understand?" Jimin said in frustration. I shook my head in agreement, and I began praying he would let me go soon. "Good, and don't tell anyone about this. Or next time it won't be just me coming to pay you a visit, Sweets."

And Just like that Jimin let go and hurried out of my sight. I fell to the ground in pain, my back felt like it had been ran over and my tears were blurring my eyesight. 


I could feel the stare of JB's eyes melting away the back of my head. Just focus on the white board... I thought to myself. I could hear the girls beside me whisper and giggle.

"Maybe he finally got tired of her and kicked her to the curb..." "No I heard he got back together with Nari and just dropped Areum."

I heard a chair scoot as some one stood up behind me. My heartbeat quickened and I felt dizzy. It's just like those other rumors all over again... 

I was getting ready to get Mrs. Lee's attention and ask for a bathroom pass when Jimin put his arm around me again and leaned over me in the direction of those two girls. "For the record," He whispered to them, "She dumped him for me." I pushed Jimin's arm off of me once again and turned to explain myself to those girls. But the damage was done... the whole room turned towards the back door where someone had made an exit from the classroom. Everyone looked around to see who had left. JB... 

"Guess it's true then... I always knew she was a two timer"

"Poor JB... she doesn't deserve him anyway.." 

I turned back around and looked down at my desk. Mrs. Lee hit her book against her desk to get everyone's attention.
"That is enough everyone, I expect you to pay attention. Because now after this lesson we will be having a pop quiz."
The students behind me grumbled as Mrs. Lee turned back around and carried on with her lesson. I heard the faint sound of someone slipping out the back door again. My only guess was that it was Nari this time. Tears started forming in my eyes once again as I built up the courage to turn and face Jimin. Talking to him wasn't something I wanted to do, he made my skin crawl and thinking about him made the bruise on my back start to hurt. But I had no choice.

"Why," I whispered to him, "Why did you do that?" I saw a smirk form on Jimin's face. He licked his lips as he thought of what he could and couldn't tell me. He looked at me with a devilish smile, and for a split second I swore I was looking into the eyes of the Devil himself. He leaned towards me a bit and whispered, "I'm helping Nari get what she wants, and in return she is giving me what I want."

"And what is that?" I dared to ask.



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