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Round 4

"Member of AOMG/H1GHR MUSIC reacting To You being in a Car Accident/Fender Bender."

G Soul

"Are you kidding me? Why? How? ... This is a joke right? At least tell me your okay."
G Soul would be in so much disbelief that you were in an accident. What puts him into more shock though is that it was his car he let you barrow. Before the concern kicks in.


"I told you that you needed to pay attention more to the road when driving. Now look you totalled your car. I'm glad you're okay, but I am not buying you a new car."
Basically after he knows your okay, he will scold you for what happen.


"Are you okay? Is the car Okay? Where are you? I'll come get you, stay there."
Loco wouldn't give two shxt about the car. His main concern will be your safety and getting to hold you as soon as possible.


"wait what happen? So you're car is totalled? You're okay right?"
He will be shocked but he will make sure you were okay as well.

❤BBMG Squad:

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My Bunnies:
Yes Elo poo and My sweet puppy loco
I wouldn't mind Jay park scolding me. I bet he is even hotter when a little angry lol 😉😀