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Hello fellow vinglers! Here is my next oneshot starring Nichkun of 2PM suggested by @loverofkpop. Enjoy!
Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
It was a bright sunny day in Bangkok as you and Nichkun were walking around the huge farmers market within the city limits. You stop and look at all the interesting food items in the food stands on the street and maybe even order something at a food truck. Nichkun was happy to have you around as he took you to a popular karaoke bar and you just belted out to your favorite songs and he serenaded you smoothly. Once you were both worn out from dancing like maniacs, he took you to his hometown and found you a decent hotel to stay in for the night. He bought you drinks from the local grocery store as you two challenged each other to drink shots until you both were out cold. "You know (r/n), I think we should do it tonight." Nichkun said slowly as his speech was slurred due to the amount of soju they drank. "Grab that rubber and apply it to yourself and then we can do it." You told him as you were about to fall asleep. He rushed to the bathroom grabbing the condom on the dresser as he showered himself off and used the shower hose to form an erection on his rod. Once he got out, he applied it to himself slowly as it was tight. He then covered himself with a towel as he dried himself off. You were lying on the bed in your bday suit as his eyes were glued to your body. He got on the bed, and kissed you as you roll on top of him as you lay yourself down on him when he flipped you and did push-ups as he grinded his body on you wanting to fully pleasure you as he threw his towel to the side of the bed and rubbed himself between your legs as you were leaking and your inner labia was swelling so much you rolled over and rubbed them on his rock hard rod as it was deep in between your inner labia. You kissed his neck as you were rocking back and forth on the rock until you both couldn't take it no more and he turned you over and slammed his rock inside your hole completely which made you yelp incredibly loud as your yelps got shorter when he thrusts further into you hitting your g spot and u spot with explosive force. He sped up, and his thrusts were weakening as you were falling asleep. He was kissing your neck until you turned him over and banged on him as you kiss his face softly and you repeated his patterns of thrusts with your bangs as you fall to the side and hook your legs on his back and kiss him endlessly and he hooked his legs on your back and kissed you. You were both in this position until you both ran out of breath and your parts became sore as he moved out and you both lie facing up. Drenched in sweat you both tried to cool down as he went to turn on the air conditioner as you both tried to cool down. Once you both were dry from the sweat, you were also cold. You both buried yourselves within the bed covers as you both adjusted until you were both at normal body temperature. You both fell asleep as you were well out from the drinks.
I hope you all enjoyed! If you want more, please comment an idol and
will do one for you!
you are a great writer
Why thank you!
thank you
You're welcome!
loved it
No Nichkun!!!! Go somewhere!!! Jun K is supposed to be there!!!
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