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After last night's embarrassing blowout to the Sacramento Kings, the Brooklyn Nets have to be staring at themselves in the mirror. Did they really just get blown out by the Kings??? The Nets are now 2-5 and it is laughable that many thought this team would be the main competition to the Miami Heat. Kidd is being outcoached, D-WIll looks slow, Joe Johnson looks like a 1 Million dollar player, AK47 can't even play, and Pierce and KG are playing like the old men that they are. Now locked in salary cap hell, one has to begin to wonder if they are going to be in the mediocre category for the next couple seasons. They don't even have any draft picks! So what now? Do they blow this team up? Do you think they will be able to bounce back? I don't. This team looks done. And its only been 7 games.
I expected this to happen. But with all the talent on their team you can never rule them out
they are effed... boston is looking real smart right now for dumping pierce and kg