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*warning strong language and some gore and torture if you do not like that then don't read this chapter *

*Hoseok's perspective*

*knock* *knock*

I groaned at the knocking coming from the other side of my door. "Young Master, its time for you to get ready" a voice said from the other side of the door. I groaned again before getting up from my bed "I'm up" I shouted at the maid so she would go away. I pick out my clothes before heading to the shower. Once I was done, I got dressed and head downstairs. My maids and butlers greeted me but i didn't do the same. I'm annoyed by their presence and I wish my parents would stop sending more of them; everytime I ask Yoongi hyung to killed them. I didn't feel like eating whatever poison they made for me, so I just left. As I walked outside I debated on walking or driving. Fuck it I will drive, its too much of a walk anyways. I walked over to my beautiful Lamborghini Aventador and got in. It doesn't take me long to arrive at my University, I mean have you drove one of these bad boys? I parked my car between Namjoon's McLaren 570GT and Yoongi hyung's Ferrari 488 GTB.

"Finally brought out your baby girl Hoseok" Yoongi said as he sat on the hood of his car while looking at my baby. "You need to bring her out more often hyung" Namjoon said as he was leaning against his car smoking a cigarette. "Yeah I thought I finally show her off" I said as I walk over to Namjoon. "What happened here?" I said as i saw there was a dent on the side of the car. "Some drunk asshole kicked the dent in my car" Namjoon said with a pissed off tone. "Now who's stupid enough to do that?" I said with a chuckle. "Some kid name Park Chanyeol" Yoongi said as he got off the hood of his car. "That kid is in my dance course" I said and that got both of their attention. We looked at each other and smiled "let’s grab the kid when classes are over" Yoongi said. "He also has a boyfriend" Namjoon said as he took the last puff of his cigarette and tossed it on the ground. "So we grab him too?" Yoongi asked "of course, its more fun to torture the love ones infornt of them" I said with a crooked smile.

"Hoseok your twisted you know that?" Namjoon said with a chuckle. "Hell if he wasn't twisted we wouldn't be friends" Yoongi said and I just laughed. Anybody who even heard a conversations would think we belonged in mental institution and they would be right. I heard the bell go off and signed "come when need to go" Namjoon said as he teleported. Me and Yoongi followed him. Nobody says anything as we appeared in Music Production. We took our seats and as the Teacher walked in to give another boring lecture. He didn't even start and Yoongi hyung already fell asleep. Namjoon was actually listening to the teacher and I decided to play on my phone. I was minding my own business until I over heard the girls talking about two new freshman and a transfer student. Even Yoongi was listening to the girls conversation. I got up and walked over the girls. "omg look at the picture Lisa sent me of the transfer student!" The Blonde said. "He looks cute and hot at the same time!" the Red head said. I grab the phone from the blonde and looked at this kid myself. Well they weren't wrong, he is cute "mind if I borrow this for a sec" I said putting on my sweetest smile. "Of course you can Hoseok Oppa" the Blonde said as her face turned into a tomato. With that i walk back over to my friends to show them the pictures

"this kid actual dyed his hair pink?" Yoongi said at the picture as if the kid lost his mind. "pink looks better on Jin" Namjoon said as he looked at the picture. Me and Yoongi rolled our eyes at Namjoon. Seriously he needs to grow a pair and just force that senior to be his. I show them the next picture "he looks emo" Yoongi said losing interest. "That kid looks a bit off to me" Namjoon said. I showed the last one "this kid looks like a damn angel what the fuck?!" Yoongi almost lost his shit as he stared at the picture "its like looking at another jin" Namjoon said staring at the picture. "What the fuck is this shit first cotton candy boy then emo kid now an angel looking motherfucker!? I had enough of  this bullshit, I'm done" Yoongi hyung said as he got up and left the classroom. I laughed at Yoongi hyung's reaction and Namjoon joined me. I walked over to the girls and gave the blonde her phone back. Then I took my seat again and waited for class to be over.

*Time Skip*

"Finally" I said as i gathered my things. "Have fun at nerd class Namjoon" I said as I walked out of class. I headed straight to the dance course building and took my time because Mr. Kim can't do shit about it unless he doesn't value his life. I enter the classroom and my eyes automatically see pink. I looked down to see that cotton candy boy had bumped into me. He looks up at me "i-i'm so-so sorry!" cotton candy boy stuttered. "Its fine" I said as i stuck my hand out for him to grab and he did. "Ya Jimin hyung" the emo kid called out to him and cotton candy boy bowed and ran towards his friend. I looked around for the drunked asshole and I found him talking to freshman. A thought crossed my mind and I put on my fake sweet Smile. I walked up to Chanyeol and threw my arm around. "Hey Channie boy, how you doing" I said keeping my fake sweet smile on.

"O-Oh Hello hyung, I'm fine" He said and I could hear the nervousness in his voice. "I heard you caused Namjoon a bit of trouble with his car" I said causally and watching his reaction. "I-I didn't m-mean to! It-it was accident, I swear!" Chanyeol looked so paled and he started trembling. "Sorry is not going to cover that dent in his car Channie boy" I said still keeping my smile. "how will you pay for this Channie boy?" I asked him. "I will get the money to pay for hyung I swear!" Chanyeol said as he looked like he going to cry. "We will discuss about this later Channie boy" I said and walked away as Mr. Kim entered the dance room. For the whole time in class I had fun messing with the kid. I would make him trip when we were practicing our routine and I bumped into him on purpose. Then during break time I poured water all over him when Mr. Kim was too busy yelling at seniors who got out shined by cotton candy boy and emo kid. I pretty much gave Chanyeol a sample for later. Except it will be a lot worse because it will be his little boyfriend I will be torturing.

*Time Skip*

Once the final bell rang, I packed up my stuff and I walked outside to find a sleepy/grouchy Yoongi hyung and Namjoon wait for me. "Where's the kid?" Namjoon asked and I pointed towards the small group of people. "I see he made friends with the angel kid, cotton candy boy, and the emo kid" Yoongi said almost glaring at the angel kid who was playing with cotton candy boy's hair. "Alright before we go over there I call dibs on angel kid" I said with a evil smirk. "Good because i call dibs on Cotton cand boy, I’m going to make him my new pet" he said still observing the boy. "Let's just get the couple and that's all understand?" Namjoon said with a demanding voice. We teleport behind the angel kid and I watched him fall to the ground. Wow this kid is a scaredy cat and I watched him get picked up by his friends. Not going to lie but this kid looks even better up close. I notice Yoongi hyung kept staring at cotton candy boy. "You're coming with me" he said as he continued to stare at the boy.

Then the Emo kid decided to be Cotton candy boy's hero and glared at Yoongi hyung. Congrats kid you now made yourself a enemy I thought as I watched Yoongi hyung looking slightly pissed at emo kid then he teleported behind angel kid. "Fine I will take this one till you give me cotton candy boy" Yoongi hyung said and I watched the angel kid trembling. I got annoyed like I just called dibs a few minutes ago like hell you are taking him. "Alright Yoongi hyung that's enough, its only the first day and you already scared the poor kid to death" I said trying to hide my annoyance towards my hyung. "are you telling me what to do Hoseok?" Yoongi said coldly. Oh if this is a fight you want then I will be gadly to give it to you hyung. "Ya got a problem with that hyung?" I said with a with a dark smile. "Enough the both of you, we only came here for Chanyeol and Baekhyun" Namjoon said. Yoongi let out a sigh "whatever" he said as he teleported back to his original spot.

"Aw Namjoon can we have just a little fun?" I asked. "do I have to repeat myself Hoseok hyung?" Namjoon said. I teleported behind angel kid and I hugged him from behind. This angel kid got a lovely smell and It almost made me want to bite him right now. Of course I had self control so I didn't bite him but god do I really want to bite him. "Please Namjoon just look at how cute he is!" I said and Namjoon stared at the angel for a sec then turned his attention back to the couple. Damn Namjoon really wants to make Chanyeol pay for what he did to his car. "Just do as I say Hoseok hyung, you can play with the kid later" Namjoon said. I Pouted then teleported behind Baekhyun and grabbed him. Yoongi hyung did the same with Chanyeol. We teleported to the parking lot and I start twisting Baekhyun arm and let him cry in pain. "No please don't hurt him I promise I will get the money to fix the dent!" Chanyeol shouted as Yoongi hyung still hold him down and made sure he was watching me torture his boyfriend. Namjoon just stared at Chanyeol and watch him  trying to break free to help Baekhyun.

"Hoseok hyung" Namjoon said and I knew what he wanted me to do, I twist Baekhyun's arm till I ripped it off of his body. Baekhyun dropped to the ground screaming in pain while tears were streaming down his face and I threw the arm in front of Chanyeol as I watched him looked at the arm of his boyfriend in horror. Some blood splatter on Chanyeol face and I could see he was crying to. "See this as a warning Chanyeol and if you don't pay me you can watch Hoseok torture your boyfriend even more" Namjoon said coldly. I watch a puddle of blood coming from Baekhyun as he still crying in pain. "Your lucky Baekhyun is also a vampire or he would be dying from blood lost" Yoongi hyung said staring at Baekhyun as his arm starts to regenerate. "I didn’t hear your answer Chanyeol, do I have to get Hoseok to rip off another arm off?" Namjoon said waiting for Chanyeol to answer him. "I-I promise to get the m-money  so p-please don't hurt h-him anymore" Chanyeol cried as he watches Baekhyun still crying in pain.

"Good let's go" Namjoon said as he walked away from the couple. Yoongi hyung let go of Chanyeol and walked with Namjoon. I watched Chanyeol run to Baekhyun and I heard him saying I'm sorry over and over to his boyfriend. He Hugged Baekhyun and petted his hair while still crying. I had enough watching this and I joined the others. "Man Hoseok I saw how you took your time twisting his arm off" Yoongi hyung said. "Well I had to show them we don't mess around and i just love the sound of cracking bones" I said with a dark smile on my face. "Nah I think the sound of ripping flesh is better" Yoongi hyung said with the same smile as mine "Seriously you two are really twisted" Namjoon chuckled at me and Yoongi. We both just shrug at him and walked towards our cars. "Alright see you twisted freaks later" Namjoon said as he got in his car and left. "See ya later Hoseok" Yoongi hyung said and left as well. I got in my car and headed home. I couldn’t help but to think about the angel kid as I was driving and i thought this school year is going to be fun.

a/n: I hoped you guys enjoyed chapter 2 of Scarlet University and I hope you will leave some feedback for me!

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