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He was a highly skilled mercenary. But that didn’t stop me from falling for him. The only thing is, he doesn’t know I know his secret. And he doesn’t know mine. Chapter 1 It was 7 in the morning on a Friday, and he had already up and left to who knows where. He claimed his boss was super horrible and always scheduled team meetings at 7 am on Fridays, but I would have to be a complete dimwit to believe that. He chose the wrong girl to date if he was going to cover his secrets with those kinds of lies. He was almost always gone by 7 every morning, and I was always right behind him. Giving him enough time to be completely out of sight of course. Couldn’t have him see me leaving the house so early. That would lead to questions. Questions I couldn’t answer. He had his secrets, I had mine. I watched the clock hanging in our small kitchen tick with each second. I left at 8:05:49 every morning. Five minutes and 49 seconds. The exact time it took him to get to his car and drive a safe distance from our apartment. I grabbed my keys and purse before heading out the door to the black SUV waiting for me at the curb. “Good morning President Yen.” The driver opened the car door and bowed as I stepped inside, and sat on the black leather seat. I am president of the biggest security company in Seoul, Bangtan. We have contracts with many celebrities and other top companies, and are often hired for any major events. We had the best fighters, the best strategists, the best defenders. Except one. My boyfriend. He was a top soldier when he was in the army, later hired by a top-secret company. He says he works a normal 9-5 office job, I say I work a normal job as a masseuse at a spa. From the outside, our relationship seems so normal. Nothing could go wrong between us. But the second one of us slips up, it will all be over. The moment I walked through the door of the company building, my secretary was by my side to give me a briefing of my day. “You have a meeting with Unite Entertainment at 8:45 to discuss airport security for the group Octagon, a meeting with Lee Jonghyun at 9:30 to discuss a new contract, and we have a board meeting at 2:30.” “Any updates on the contract with Park Ilhoon?” “We’re still waiting for a response.” I nodded. “We’ve also received a request from Chogun Tech to provide security again for their annual gala this weekend.” Chogun Tech. Currently the leading technology company in South Korea. I took a sip of my black coffee as I skimmed the email. “Call them and set up a meeting to discuss the contract. Preferably as soon as possible.” She nodded before heading out the of the office. They were a very important customer, and would need our top guards and best technology. Competing companies were always trying to steal their information, and they would do so through any means necessary. We had provided the company with our best security for the past 3 years, and so far, have thwarted every attack aimed at them. There was no telling what they would try next, but we would be prepared. “President Yen, it’s time for your meeting with Unite Entertainment.” I was handed a leather binder containing the contract details and headed for the conference room. I looked at the clock and sighed. 5:30. I had told Jungkook I would be late getting home because I was going out with some of my girlfriends. “Are you ready to go President Hong?” I nodded before grabbing my phone and following my secretary out the door. We stepped inside the private elevator and she pressed the button for the 11th floor. “Please scan activation key.” Following the prompt, I held my ID badge to the scanner and heard the familiar confirmation sound. The elevator began to move downwards towards the basement. Reaching the floor, the elevator doors opened and I stepped into the dark hallway constructed from thick layers of steel. The heels of my shoes clacked as they hit the concrete floor. We walked down the long hallway and stopped at the first door. I placed my palm and right eye on the scanner and heard the door unlock, granting me access. We headed inside the small room full of security equipment and waited for the door to click before springing into action. I grabbed the uniform hanging on the wall and slipped it on as my secretary began to power on our equipment. I filled the many pockets with the various equipment I would need, storing my gun and knife last. Clothed as well, my secretary handed me my headset and special glasses. I pressed the button on the headset in my ear and spoke in a demanding voice. “Troop 301 this is Mother Hen, we are ready to move out. Over.” “Copy. Troop 301 heading out.” The biggest secret we had in our company, I the president, participated in all the high-class jobs we received.

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