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I'm wanting to possibly publish a poem book, with some of my poems on here plus new ones not yet seen. However, I don't know where to start this whole process. I'd be glad for some advice, or just even your comments on what you people think.

Oh, and if you guys would like to help me out: which poems of mine do you like the best, please let me know so I can put those in my future book. I'm also open to suggestions on book names.

Thank you guys for helping me start my dream, and for inspiring me!

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It's good to see you again. Honestly, finding a publisher is going to be nearly impossible considering the fact that you are an up and comer with no known pieces. In that case, I highly recommend Here, you can create your own book without the help of an actual publisher. It is entirely free to start up and the only time they charge you is when you ask for a final copy of your book (at the lowest price possible.)