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I love the way they look now. But im going to give you some pointers on the new gyms.
1) when you put a pokemon in you get a gym badge.
2) do not freak out when you see you pokemon in the gum and it weaker then it should be. Ita a new add on. Onces your pokemon is in the gym click on it and give it a berry. It will get your pokemon the 'will' to keep on fighting. You can also give berries to you fellow gym partners as well. But you have to keep on doing this otherwise you pokemon will lose the gym.
3) the gyms leader is not the only pokemon shown anymore. Your pokemon well be also feature as well.
4) to check on your pokemon if it needs berries click on you avatar button. Then fo down until you see gym badges. The pokemon that is defending a gym has a heart next to it. If its not full go to the gym and give it a berry.
This is all I know for now. Im still trying to figure out how to get money. Onces I know ill let you guys know. Other then that happy pokemon hunting.

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wow that looks so cool