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Its been a while since I've done a one shot fluffy smut. lol this totally turned dirty all of a sudden on me but that's okay. it came out cute!
From innocent to Sexy in a heart beat.

oh dear I nerd to put a warning in here before its too late!

“I want to take you out today” Zelo stated randomly. His head was in my lap as I read my book and he had been acting until now as if he was asleep even as he was awake the entire time.

“That's nice” I said not paying attention.

“Are you reading still?” He asked.

“Yes” I nodded finishing the sentence I was on and stopping. His hand raised and his fingers grasped a piece of my hair tugging on it.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Do you want to go out and do something?” Zelo asked as he started just playing with the piece of my hair, twirling it around his finger and loosening it only to repeat the action.

“If you can get my eyes off this book long enough. I'm on the last chapter” I told him the resumed reading when he didn't say anything.

Zelo had other ideas though.

As he continue playing with my hair his other hand made an appearance, sliding up my bare leg than back down, his hand warm against my skin. When he shifted his head to one side I looked down to see he was facing my stomach. I went back to change pages. My shirt lifted making me pause again and see he was in the same position, not moving, acting as if he was asleep.

The moment I felt my shirt lift and his soft tongue press against my skin I had to stop reading. Zelo splayed his hands against my hips and I couldn't not pay attention to him. I looked down at him but he was no longer touching me. His eyes were closed and his arms were crossed over his chest.

“You go back to sleep?’ I asked him.

No reply.

I went back to reading.

I got through two sentences before there was shifting and a hand on my back sliding up my shirt, zelo’s face pressed to my abdomen.

“Baby!” I exclaimed as I looked down at him. His face was buried and his fingers were undoing my buttons.

“Forget the book yet?’ Zelo looked up giving a shy look.

“Oh you brat, you know I did” my tone turned from teasing to a moan. His clever fingers slid against my bare skin.

“I got you to put the book down” he grinned at me catching my eye. His hand disappeared and he sat up.

“Obviously. Now finish what you started” I switched to sit in his lap now that he was up. His hands shifted to hold onto my hips and keep me in place.

“You know, I had really wanted to go out to this place I thought you would like” his thumb was making circles.

“What place? My bed?” I inquired

“im thinking of a blanket . . . on the ground” he said between kisses.

“Oh taking me rough” I teased. “Me likey”

“I wanted to be on the bare ground” his fingers teased my skin.

“Rough yes, but I'm gonna need you to have some protection” I told him.

“ Thats what I thought, you're the lady, I'll put something on  underneath” he amended.

“thank you baby” I kissed him.

“I want something hot and sizzling” he pressed his lips to my collarbone

“Hmm I can be hot and sizzling” I commented.

“But it's hot  already” he said.

“So what are you gonna do to cool us off?” I asked running my hands through his hair.

“Something cold and chilling.” he amended

“Ice cubes” I recommended.

“Coca cola” he said “or lemonade” he said all of a sudden confusing me.  

“Wait what? Your not pouring soda or lemonade on me.” I said.

“Some sandwiches . . . cokes . . . and a sunshine filled day” he listed things off ignoring me.

“Well that's beginning to sound like a picnic” I said pulling away.

“Yup. I want to do a picnic in the park” he said.

We stared at each other for a long moment before I burst out in giggles.

“Here I'm being the guy thinking sex and your thinking romance” I laughed.

“Its better than me thinking of doing it on the picnic blanket” he chuckled.

“Oh dear, you put an idea in my head” I said.

“You bad girl” he teased “how about this. We go on the picnic and than come back. You'll have me panting and wanting to get you out of whatever your wearing” he said.

“How about you bring me to climax and than I'll have one less thing to bring with us on. This. Picnic” I slowed my words down.

“What thing would you leave behind?” He asked. I leaned into him.

“My pent up frustration” I whispered in his ear.

“I think we can leave that behind for both of us” he said as he lifted his hips up met me halfway.

“That isn't enough baby” I told him. “Zelo baby please” I said undoing his jeans and stroked him through his pants.

His hips rotated pushing himself into my hand. Soft material coated him as I stroked him.

“Babe I need to touch you too” zelo said as his hand dipped into my shorts and into my undies his fingers grazed my lower lips and delved in.

“Screw fabric” I groaned pushing his boxers down. “Don't you dare move your hand” I warned him as I lifted my hips forcing his fingers deeper.

“So wet” his fingers flicked. I pulled his pants and boxers off and shimmied out of my shorts and undies.

“The shirt too baby”  he insisted. I Removed it and my bra.

“I love these globes” he sighed leaning forward to lick a nipple than suck on it. I went back to stroking him until he was pulsing.

“So close” I moaned as he rubbed.

Soft locks grazed my chest as he looked down than looked up making eye contact. His hands retreated from my body than were on my hips lifting me up. Getting the gist I put the condom I pulled out and put it on him before he went inside me.

The air was filled with noise until his lips were on mine and he swallowed the sound of our orgasms.

Sighing with pleasure I crumbled in his arms. Zelo held onto me so I wouldn't fall.

“Picnic time now babe” he said slapping my ass.

“Do we have too?” I groaned not wanting to move

“You made me hungry” he said.

“You made me hungry for more” I said.

“Me too, but another hunger is taking over again” he said.

“Oh I can make you forget your hungry for food” I tried against rocking my hips. I was still positioned on his lap.

“You'll make me forget my name if we continue” he said.

“I like that idea” I winked.

“Woman, I want sandwiches and the sun before he goes down” he said making me laugh.

“Oh fine Im giving in” I said getting off his lap. “But for this you owe me 5 orgasms when we get back” I winked before scampering away before he could slap my ass again.


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Wow...heLLO THeRE! Wow..sex then a picnic..what a concept. That pic at the end did me in tho. Wow..I was going through withdrawals and this should hold me over. Wow...